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Electric bikes are the newest  and most fun  mode of transportation on Bald Head Island.

You’ll Get a Charge Out of These Bikes

Published on Friday, July 22, 2011

It seems like all of my Bald Head Island adventures have me on the water. Of course, they all start on the water with the ferry ride over, but I seem to be drawn to kayaking, sailing, paddleboarding and looking for birds (and alligators) in, on and near the water. This time I wanted to do something different, something that would let me appreciate the rest of the island. Luckily, Riverside Adventure Company  began renting electric bicycles Continue reading

Colonel Dread starts the Ghost Walk in front of Old Baldy.

Spooky Fun: Ghost Walks on Bald Head Island

Published on Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking for something to do after dark on Bald Head Island? You’ll want to check out the new Ghost Walk tours – just as long as you don’t scare too easily, that is. The family friendly (but still decidedly spooky) Ghost Walk, led by the nefarious pirate Colonel Dread with help from the lovely (and musical) Darcy Ladare, walks you though the colorful history and folklore Continue reading

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