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You’ll Get a Charge Out of These Bikes

Electric bikes are the newest  and most fun  mode of transportation on Bald Head Island.

It seems like all of my Bald Head Island adventures have me on the water. Of course, they all start on the water with the ferry ride over, but I seem to be drawn to kayaking, sailing, paddleboarding and looking for birds (and alligators) in, on and near the water. This time I wanted to do something different, something that would let me appreciate the rest of the island. Luckily, Riverside Adventure Company began renting electric bicycles this year.

Wait, did he say electric bicycles?

Yes, I did. They’re beach cruisers with big, comfy seats, a motorcycle-like throttle, a battery and a little motor. Start off pedaling, twist your wrist and you’re off. They’re easy to use – just like riding a bike, in fact – and in no time you’ll have the hang of the throttle and brake situation and you’ll be like me and Mrs. Adventure Blogger zipping around the island, exploring it in a whole new way.

The throttle is right on the handlebars, making the transition from peddling to motoring a breeze.

We started in the harbor, cruising the streets and looking at houses.

From there we headed down South Beach and the bikes easily pulled the hill where South Beach and Federal Road split.

We stopped at the Shoals Club for a rest then continued our tour of the island.

One of my favorite things about the electric bikes is that they’re fast, faster than most of the golf carts on the island (the electric bikes will go around 20 mph, so watch your speed). I loved the look on the faces of the people in the first cart I passed. I rang the bell on the bike, hit the throttle and scooted past, waving as I went. They all watched, open mouthed, as a guy on a beach cruiser he wasn’t even pedaling sped by.

On that note, the electric bikes are fast and they are classified as a moped by the Village of Bald Head Island, requiring you to wear a helmet. While bike helmets aren’t the most fashionable of helmets, they do protect your noggin, and they’re a good idea for an electric or other bike.

If you’re ready to take one of these electric bikes out for a spin, contact Riverside Adventure Company at 910-457-6844. You have to be 18 with a valid drivers’ license to rent them, so keep that in mind. Rentals are $25 the first hour, $10 per hour after that, or $50 for the day.


Published on Friday, July 22, 2011

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