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Rental Policies


Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-432-RENT or online. Future year reservations are tentative and are subject to changes in rates and availability. Renters must be at least 24 years old. Please be sure to inform our agency should anyone in your party have special needs. A signed rental agreement and a 50% deposit are necessary for confirmation of stay.



Quoted rates are valid for day of quote. Rates displayed include accommodations, security deposit damage waiver and for applicable homes temporary membership to the Shoals Club and the Bald Head Island Club. Total charges upon booking include optional travel insurance and taxes. Any changes to Shoals Club or BHI Club temporary membership fees and taxes will be applied and charged prior to arrival. Please note due to limited winter hours Shoals Club membership is not included for the months of November-March. Shoals Club memberships for the Club's open days in November, December and March may be purchased separately for applicable homes. Ferry and parking are not included in rental rates.



There is a two-night minimum on most island homes. There is a seven-night minimum from 6/3/2016 to 8/25/2016; however, select accommodations offer stays of less than a week. Please inquire if you wish to stay less than a week from 6/3/2016 to 8/25/2016.



A deposit of 50% of the total account balance, including all applicable fees and taxes, along with a signed Guest Rental Agreement, are due within 24 hours of reservation.  Upon receipt of your 50% deposit and Guest Rental Agreement, a confirmation will be emailed. Your account balance is due in full 24 hours from date of booking if you elected not to purchase Travel Insurance. Reservations including Travel Insurance must be paid in full no less than 45 days prior to arrival. Reservations made fewer than 45 days in advance require payment in full at time of booking. Deposits are held in an interest-bearing account with accrued interest payable to Bald Head Island Limited.  

For security purposes please make payments via our secured website. Please do not send credit card information through an email or leave credit card information on a voice mail.

Accepted methods of payment include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, electronic check, traveler's checks, personal check or cash. All checks must be issued in U.S. funds and drawn on a bank that operates within the U.S. Federal Reserve System. A $35 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.



A credit card number is needed to book reservations. The rental charge for the Property, as set forth in the Reservation Confirmation, includes a premium paid for a security deposit waiver insurance policy (“SDW”) issued through Red Sky Insurance as of April 1, 2017.  Subject to the provisions of the policy and the maximum benefit of $5,000.00 per rental beginning April 1, 2017,  the SDW will reimburse Bald Head Island Limited Property Management (“BHIM”) for the repair or replacement of property that is inadvertently damaged during Tenant’s stay, and is accepted by BHIPM in lieu of a security deposit. Tenant acknowledges receipt of the Description of Coverage for the SDW, and Tenant has read and understands the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions thereof. Tenant is relying solely on the contents of said Description of Coverage with respect to the benefits and operation of said SDW, and not on the description contained herein or on any statements made by BHIPM, its representatives or employees. Tenant understands and agrees that any damage to the Property, its furniture, furnishings, appliances, vehicles, or equipment, or any missing property, must be reported to BHIPM immediately, but in no event later than seventy-two (72) hours after Tenant check-out. Failure to timely report damage or missing property will result in denial of coverage under the SDW, and Tenant shall be personally liable for the full cost of repair or replacement. If unreported damage or missing property is discovered at or immediately after Tenant’s departure from the Property, or if a claim for damage or missing property under the SDW is denied for any reason, or if the cost of repair or replacement of damage or missing property exceeds the maximum benefit under said SDW, then in any of those cases, Tenant will be issued an invoice for the difference. Bald Head Island Limited reserves the right to charge the renter's credit card for any damages found, as permitted under N.C. Statute.



Cancellations of reservations must be made by the person in whose name the reservation was made, no later than forty-five (45) days in advance of arrival or fourteen (14) days after the reservation is made, whichever is earlier. Upon timely cancellation of such a reservation, all monies paid by Tenant will be refunded, less an administrative fee of $100.00 which will be disbursed to BHIPM. Cancellation of a reservation later than fourteen (14) days after reservation is made or within forty-five (45) days in advance of arrival shall be deemed a material breach by Tenant, and no refunds will be made unless the Property is re-rented for the full rental term at the same rental rate. In the case of such re-rental, monies paid or deposited by Tenant will be refunded, less an administrative fee of $100.00 that will be disbursed to BHIM, but if the Property is not re-rented, no refunds will be made. If the Property is re-rented for less than the full term and/or full rate, the difference between Tenant’s rental obligation and the amount of the re-rental will be disbursed to BHIPM from monies paid or deposited by Tenant, to defray the actual damages suffered by BHIPM as a result of Tenant’s breach, and the balance of the monies (if any) will be refunded to Tenant; provided, that in any event, monies paid for transportation shall be refunded in full upon cancellation of Tenant’s reservation. Tenant acknowledges that BHIPM offered Tenant the opportunity to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance through the “Trip Preserver” program of Red Sky Travel Insurance, and that this insurance coverage was available for Tenant to review, consider and purchase for a period of twenty-one (21) days after Tenant’s reservation was made. Such insurance coverage (or a similar policy) shall be Tenant’s sole recourse for cancellation of a reservation more than fourteen (14) days after reservation date or within forty-five (45) days in advance of arrival. Subject to availability, reservations may be re-scheduled, one time only, for the same Property, for a later arrival date within the same calendar year, provided that notice is given at least twenty-one (21) days after the original reservation was made. Rental rates for the rescheduled reservation period may or may not be equivalent to the original reservation; however, no refunds will be made and any additional charges will be due and payable by Tenant. All advance payments shall be applied to the rescheduled reservation, and all terms and conditions of the original rental agreement shall apply. If, at the time Tenant is to take occupancy of the Property, BHIPM cannot provide the Property in a fit and habitable condition or substitute a reasonably comparable property in such condition, BHIPM shall refund to Tenant all monies paid by Tenant. No refunds or rental rate adjustments will be made for malfunction of air conditioners, televisions, appliances, golf carts, phone or cable outages, or the like. BHIPM cannot predict the location of construction activity on the Island and may not be able to inform Tenant at the time reservation is made whether the Property is near a construction site. BHIPM will not make refunds due to construction activity.



Your account balance will include a 6.75% N.C. sales tax (4.75% state/2% Brunswick County tax) and a 6% Village of Bald Head Island accommodations tax. Any changes in current tax rates will be applied on the effective date and charged prior to arrival.



Bald Head Island Limited Property Management’s guest reception area is located at the Deep Point Marina Ferry Terminal at 1301 Ferry Road in Southport should you have any questions prior to departure for the island. Property keys, temporary membership cards to the Bald Head Island Club and Shoals Club (if applicable), along with a welcome packet, can be collected from a Rental Relations Coordinator at the Bald Head Island Ferry Terminal upon arriving on the island. Rental Relations office hours vary seasonally; inquire prior to arrival, as special arrangements may be made for collection of property keys and check-in materials after hours. 

Check-in and check-out times vary according to each accommodation (3 p.m./10:30 a.m.; 4 p.m./11:30 a.m.; 5 p.m./12:30 p.m., check-out day depending). Tram reservation times will be indicated on the guest's Rental Confirmation. Arrival and departure tram reservations will be made by one of our Rental Agents for times that closely match assigned check-in and check-out times, based on ferry and tram availability. The check-in time listed on the Rental Confirmation indicates ferry departure from Deep Point Ferry Terminal. Guests should arrive at Deep Point Ferry Terminal at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled check-in time to allow time for the purchase of ferry tickets from the ferry ticket window, parking and any security processing. Guests who do not allow adequate time for the unloading, ferry ticketing and parking process may miss the ferry, or luggage may be transported on a ferry departing at an alternate time. Ferries will depart on time.

Upon arriving at Deep Point Marina, drive directly to the ferry terminal, place baggage on the luggage racks and proceed to an available parking lot. When entering a parking lot, a parking ticket will be issued. You will pay for parking upon exiting the lot at the end of your stay. Rates are $10 a day during the summer ($8 a day from Jan.-May and Sept.-Dec.). The check-out time listed on the Rental Confirmation indicates ferry departure from the island. Check-out procedures for the accommodations are posted in the homes.

When departing the island, make sure all luggage is placed roadside at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled ferry departure time. We regret we cannot accommodate early arrival and late departure requests. Failure to check-in as scheduled may result in a delay of arrival to your accommodations. Failure to check-out from accommodations on time will result in an additional full-day rental fee. No refunds, rental adjustments, or other allowances will be made for late arrival at or early departure from Tenant’s accommodations due to tram scheduling or disruption of ferry schedule.



Ferry service to the island is located at Deep Point Ferry Terminal, 1301 Ferry Road, SE, Southport, N.C. Details of the schedules are available by calling 1-800-432-7368 and at http://www.baldheadisland.com/island/ferry. Guests must call to make any necessary changes to tram reservations to the island and from the island. Guests should have their tram reservation confirmation number available when changing tram reservations.



Bald Head Island's baggage handling system is similar to that of an airline, so guests should pack as if they were flying to their destination and exercise restraint in what they choose to bring. Please note that a crib and high chair are provided in each accommodation upon request, and other items such as beach chairs, beach umbrellas, boogie boards and bicycles may be rented on the island. When guests arrive at the mainland ferry terminal, they should place their baggage on the baggage racks, and notify an outfitter. Nametags are required on all luggage and boxes, and are available at the ferry terminal. Please limit luggage to no more than three checked pieces and two carry-on pieces per person. Loose items such as open-top bags or boxes, grocery bags, Styrofoam coolers, jackets, shoes, tennis racquets, surfboards or fragile items such as video cameras must be hand-carried. Such items may be subject to security screening. Large, bulky items such as bicycles will require a Special Cargo Ticket that can be purchased for an additional fee at the lower level ticket window at Deep Point Ferry Terminal. These special cargo items will not be transported in trams due to size, sharp edges and/or grease. Cargo space on the ferries is constrained; therefore, it is possible that during peak periods cargo items will not be transported on the same ferry as passengers. Every effort will be made to transport special cargo within six hours of the guest's ferry time. Special cargo may be claimed at the island ferry terminal and transported by the owner using a golf cart provided with the accommodations. Expensive bicycles are discouraged on the ferry system as they can become damaged in transit. Please note: Bald Head Island Limited and Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc. accept no liability for bicycles damaged in transit.

Download Helpful hints on How to Pack for your trip to Bald Head Island.



All rental accommodations have fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, color TV, central heat and air conditioning, telephones, cribs (generally pack & plays), high chairs, bath towels, bed linens and the use of an electric cart(s). Other items such as beach chairs, beach umbrellas, boogie boards and bicycles may be rented on the island. Linens for cribs and sleeper sofas must be requested when reservation is made. Each unit has one or more electric golf cart(s). Complimentary initial supplies of cleaning products, paper towels, bath tissue and soap are provided at check-in. Additional supplies can be purchased at the Maritime Market. Locked closets are maintained by homeowners for personal use. Please respect these areas.



Accommodations are thoroughly cleaned before each guest's arrival. Additional housekeeping services can be requested at a special rate, based on availability. Reservations of two weeks or more in duration may receive a change of linens. 



The number in your party should not exceed the maximum occupancy as stated in each listing. Private functions/parties are not allowed in rental accommodations without prior approval and additional fees apply.



Long distance calls from rental accommodations must be made collect, by credit card or calling card.



Pets are allowed only in rental accommodations designated pet-friendly. No pets are allowed in rental accommodations not listed as pet-friendly, except for service pets. We reserve the right to terminate any rental, without refund, if pets are found on the premises. We also reserve the right to demand the removal of any unauthorized pet from the premises as well as charge an additional $500 fee per pet to treat the property for flea extermination, cleaning and damages. Pet-friendly accommodations require a non-refundable fee of $200 plus tax per pet. Pets are not allowed inside the passenger cabin of any Bald Head Island ferry.



The Village of Bald Head Island is an incorporated municipality, and ordinances are in place to protect the island and its inhabitants. Information about Village ordinances pertinent to your visit and activities can be found in the in-room directory provided in each rental accommodation or by contacting the Village at (910) 457-9700. Please note: Grilling is restricted on wooden decks, patios and under houses. Propane gas grills are generally permitted, but some communities restrict grilling entirely. Please check with your rental relations coordinator for further information about grilling. Please also note: Electric golf carts are not toys, and their misuse can lead to serious adverse consequences. They are subject to all laws and ordinances applicable to operation of a motor vehicle on a public road, including the requirement that operators must possess a valid driver's license, be at least 16 years old, and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Be sure to read and follow all instructions provided in the vehicle and the in-room directory for golf cart operation, including the precautions suggested for the safety of drivers and passengers. Whether biking, hiking, swimming or riding, please take care and make this a safe vacation trip for you and your family on Bald Head Island.



If hurricanes or other extreme weather conditions occur, the Village of Bald Head Island may declare a state of emergency, or voluntary or mandatory evacuations. During each phase of alert levels, the Village of Bald Head Island informs the community on their island TV channel #3 and on their website at www.villagebhi.org. In the event that Bald Head Island is threatened by a tropical storm or hurricane during your vacation, Bald Head Island Limited Property Management will also keep you informed through phone calls and emails. Hurricane season occurs each year between June 1 and November 30. Bald Head Island Limited Property Management does not offer refunds as a result of trip interruption. Travel protection insurance is strongly encouraged.



Although we cannot be held responsible for items left behind, we do make every effort to locate and return them to you. Contact our office at 910-269-2790 or by emailing rentalrelations@bhisland.com Items found will be sent via USPS and a $15 handling fee will be included. Unclaimed items will be donated to local charities after thirty days.



Descriptions of accommodations are based, in part, upon information provided by the owners of the premises described. Bald Head Island Limited has endeavored to ensure the accuracy of this information; however, we cannot be responsible for misinformation or typographical errors. All prices, fees, specifications, configurations and availability are subject to change without notice.


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