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Artist From Around The world Gather On Bald Head Island


BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC - Art knows no political, national or ideological boundaries, and can heal wounds and encourage understanding across any boundary, real or imagined. In early November, artists from around the globe convened on Bald Head Island for the sixth annual No Boundaries International Artist Colony, whose stated mission is to bring together artists from around the world to share ideas and cultures.


This year, the colony included artists from Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States. During their two weeks on Bald Head Island, artists created paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and other works, many of which will be seen in traveling exhibits over the next several months, and made available for sale at The Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island.


No Boundaries was founded in 1998 by Wilmington artists Dick Roberts, Pam Toll and Gayle Tustin after their participation at Macedonian art colonies convinced them art has the power to break down political and geographical barriers.


Bald Head Island was chosen as the location for No Boundaries because its natural, unfettered beauty provides a rich source of inspiration for artists. “This place is an artists’ paradise,” said Gayle Tustin.  “Everywhere you look, you see something beautiful. It’s incredibly inspiring.”


The generosity of Kent Mitchell, President of Bald Head Island Limited, has made the colony possible with his donation of the three historic Captain Charlie’s Station cottages for the artists to reside in during their stay. In addition to space, Mitchell provides ferry tickets, extra golf carts for on-island transportation, and the use of the vehicle barge to transport finished art work from island to mainland. Donations are valued at more than $10,000.


In addition, this year the colony will collaborate with Dutch artist Hetty van der Linden, whose non-profit “Paint a Future” organization has helped underprivileged children in several nations. Van der Linden recruits artists who create large canvases that incorporate the artworks of youngsters in dire need. When the paintings are sold, all of the proceeds are returned to the children in the form of housing, food, medicine, hearing aids, schools and playgrounds.


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