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Car-Free and Carefree

electric carts and bikers along Federal Road on Bald Head Island

World Car-Free Day is celebrated every year on September 22nd. The day is dedicated to promoting the use of sustainable transportation methods, such as biking, walking and public transportation, to reduce the amount of pollution caused by cars. Bald Head Island, NC is a perfect example of a place that embraces car-free living and is a great destination to celebrate this special day.

Cars are not allowed on Bald Head Island. Instead, visitors can get around the island using golf carts, bikes or their own two feet. The absence of cars creates an idyllic atmosphere, free from pollution, traffic jams and road noise. While the island’s pace is slower, there are plenty of activities that visitors can do on Bald Head Island without the need for a car. Here are some ideas:

Take a Ferry Ride: Getting to Bald Head Island requires a ferry ride from the mainland. You’ll leave your car in Southport, NC and take a scenic 20-minute ferry ride across the Cape Fear River.

Explore the Island on a Golf Cart: Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation on Bald Head Island. Rent a golf cart from Cary Cart Co. just steps from the ferry landing and explore the island's many trails and roads while taking in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bike Around the Island: Bald Head Island is a biker’s paradise, and exploring the island on two wheels is so much more relaxing when you’re not dodging cars. Rent a bike from Riverside Adventure Co. or Coastal Urge and pedal around the island's many trails and roads while taking in the surroundings.

Walk the Beach: Bald Head Island's 14 miles of beaches offer plenty of opportunities for walking and relaxing. Take a stroll on the beach and enjoy the peaceful sound of the ocean waves.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Bald Head Island offers plenty of outdoor activities that don't require a car, such as kayaking, fishing and paddleboarding. East Beach Surf Shop or Coastal Urge can have you outfitted and ready to go in no time.

World Car-Free Day is a great opportunity to embrace sustainable transportation methods and reduce your carbon footprint. We invite you to leave your car and cares on the mainland and explore everything that Bald Head Island has to offer.

Published by Christi Golder
Thursday, September 14, 2023

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