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A Valentine’s Day Love Story & Proposal the Bald Head Island Way

You finally found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. The next part is key. How will you pop the question? After all, this story will be told over and over, year after year. Bald Head Island is the perfect place to propose, just ask Harris Trussell and Nikki D’Onghia.

Bald Head Island’s 14 miles of pristine beaches are a beautiful place to propose. You won’t find jumbotrons, billboards or rings in souffles on Bald Head Island. Instead, you will find nature sounds, uncrowded beaches and special spaces designed it would seem, just for you. When Nikki shared her dream of the perfect proposal her then boyfriend listened.

Nikki, originally from Queens, New York, and Harris met in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and have been dating for a little over two years. A school teacher and a bit of a traditionalist, Nikki looked forward to the day Harris would get down on one knee and forever change their relationship. Two knee replacement surgeries didn’t stop Harris from making Nikki’s dream come true. “Captain Charlie’s with the amazing ocean views and isolation was the perfect location to take our next steps”, said Harris. 

Thinking about how you will propose? Remember, timing is everything! Plan a walk on the beach to catch the sunset. Make it to the spot where you’ve written “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand just as the sun goes down. When she turns around, there you'll be with ring in hand!

If you’re an adventurous couple, plan a surprise scavenger hunt through Maritime Forest Preserve. Start off with a simple hike through the woods when you spot a clue. One clue leads to the next, ending with a picnic beneath an enchanting canopy of trees and you on one knee.

For history buffs and something truly unique plan a romantic proposal at the top of Old Baldy. Old Baldy is North Carolina’s oldest standing lighthouse. Climb 108 stairs to experience unparalleled views of the surrounding waterways. Getting engaged at the top of a historic lighthouse, now that’s a story!  

If you’re a laid-back couple who likes to relax option four is for you. Spend the day together at Island Retreat Spa and Salon. A couple’s massage followed by a romantic dinner for two at Jules on the Harbor. Watch the boats come in as you dine on fresh seafood and fine wine.

If this proposal will include family, then put them to work. Hit the beach for an exciting paddle board trip. While the two of you are in the middle of the ocean planning to spend the rest of your life paddling together, your family will be preparing for the surprise. Approach the shore with family and friends holding up signs that say, “Will You Marry Me?” 

However, you decide to propose, make sure it's fabulous! Bald Head Island wishes Harris & Nikki and all who choose to propose a happy engagement and years of success. Now let’s talk about a destination wedding on Bald Head Island! 

Photos by Zeb Starnes. 

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Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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