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5 Beach Essentials for Your Next Vacation

Planning a beach getaway? Temperatures are warming up around the country and you might have a beach vacation coming up on the calendar. Before you head out on your trip by the ocean, we have rounded up some beach essentials you'll want to add to your packing list.

Apply Sunscreen

The number one thing to bring to the beach is sunscreen. The sun feels great on our skin but you want to protect it against damaging UV rays. When choosing a sunscreen, you want one that has UVA protection, long-lasting, and waterproof to withstand sweating and playing in the waves. But having it with you isn't enough. You have to apply it throughout the day! We recommend applying it before you get to the beach for accurate coverage. Here is the latest list from Consumer Reports for the best sunscreens

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to get distracted building sand castles, playing beach games, swimming and riding the waves, that you forget to hydrate. Check in with the kids and make sure they're drinking their water and everyone stays hydrated. You can get a nice stainless steel bottle to keep your water cold all day or save room by freezing water bottles the night before and putting them in the cooler as ice packs. 

Beach Games

Many of us just enjoy being at the beach. Splashing in the water, reading a good book, or chatting with friends in the sun could be just what you need for a great vacation. Others need more action so planning some beach games is never a bad idea. Room in your luggage can be limited so we have some ideas for fun games that won't take up too much room. Spikeball is a popular beach game that requires quick reflexes and comes in a convenient travel bag. You can also invest in some waterproof cards or Uno and get a fun game going. 

All Things Waterproof   

You don’t want your valuables to be ruined so we’ve got a few ideas for waterproofing. These dry bags by Earth Pak are perfect for throwing in anything you to keep dry and protected. Bring a trash bag to put wet clothes or towels in so they stay away from your dry things. Even a ziploc bag works for keeping your phone dry and out of the sand. Keep track of when you'll be heading back to your Bald Head Island vacation rental and allow plenty of time for the kids to dry off instead of getting in the car dripping wet. 

Made in the Shade

It’s hard not to spend every minute at the beach when you’re lucky enough to be visiting. Nothing ruins a beach vacation like getting sunburnt the first day and we see that happen pretty often. Protect your face from long hours in the sun with some personal shade. Hemlock has a collection of wide brim hats with fun, tropical lining. You can also get a colorful beach umbrella from Local Beach, just don't forget an umbrella anchor so it stays in place. 

These are some popular beach must-haves to get in preparation for your next trip. Browse our luxury Bald Head Island vacation rentals, select your dates, and you’re already for your well-deserved getaway. See you soon!




Published on Friday, April 8, 2022

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