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Spend Mother’s Day On Bald Head Island

Don’t wait until the last minute to make your Mother’s Day plans this year! Moms are the glue that keeps everything together and they deserve a special treat, especially during “her weekend”. What do you give the woman who started it all? We recommend a Bald Head Island vacation and here’s why she’ll love it.  

It’s been a stressful couple of years across the country and relaxing has been on the back burner for many. Taking Mom to a place where she’s forced to slow down and relax for a change is something she’ll treasure forever. Bald Head Island is known for having a slower pace, unmatched scenery, and charming neighborhoods. Regardless of the weather, the itinerary, or the amount of time you get to visit, it will be rejuvenating for everyone. Miles of pristine beaches, beautiful winding creeks to explore, and trails through over-hanging trees are sure to be just what is needed to melt the stress away. 

Since it’s her weekend, give her a break from making meals so more time can be spent together. Grocery delivery is available from Maritime Market so you can plan ahead and have everything you need right at your vacation home. If cooking is her love language, have the crew collaborate on a special dinner and make it a family affair. You could also plan a beach picnic with the most beautiful backdrop for your meal. 

All About Art is the local art gallery featuring some of the region’s top artists. Classes and workshops are available for all ages and skill levels. Book a class on painting, pottery, or jewelry design and explore your creative side with Mom. They offer private or group classes of several different categories. No doubt, the stunning beauty of Bald Head Island will inspire you to make something memorable. 

Spending quality time with those you love is the most important thing so after booking the trip, remember to be present. Unplug and soak in the conversations, the laughs, and the memories while enjoying the stunning scenery of the island. But we’ll warn you, after a trip like this Mom will want to make this a regular thing. She deserves it though!  


Published on Monday, February 21, 2022

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