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Let Bald Head Island Inspire Your Creativity

Rock painting Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island boasts miles of pristine beaches along with maritime forests and enchanting marshes. So much natural beauty is sure to inspire your artistic side whether you are into painting and sketching or enjoy photography. Here are some ideas to put your right brain to work while enjoying beautiful Bald Head Island

Want a reminder of the beautiful scenery or the cute little flowers your child gave you during your trip? Pressed flower frames are a neat idea to save flowers or leaves and frame them as a beautiful memento from your island vacation. Hang them on the wall or keep them for a personal travel book. Many Bald Head Island vacation rentals have incredible spacious decks that wrap around the home with perfect views of the beach. Bring some supplies and try some painting or sketching of whatever inspires you. You don’t have to have the biggest or best products to create something amazing. You can pack a little travel art set and paint something to remind you of your trip. They even have great art kits for kids! 

You can save little mementos throughout your trip and store them in your own travel keepsake box. Get a plain box and decorate it using paints and stencils and fill it up with reminders of your Bald Head Island trip. Use a different box for each vacation full of ferry tickets, Old Baldy souvenirs, or photos. 

If you’re visiting during the summer, kids can enjoy arts and crafts at the Bald Head Island Club. Every year, there is a summer camp with lots of fun activities for the kids. All About Art has a wonderful gallery to check out as well as group classes throughout the year. They also offer a variety of programs for children. The family can look for rocks to paint and either leave behind to find next time or keep as a memento.

You can challenge your photography skills in the outdoors looking for wildlife. Bring a camera while hiking and capture birds and other creatures in their habitat. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for amazing sunsets and sunrises as well as great views of the creeks or Old Baldy. While you’re out on a trail, you can encourage the kids to gather little things along the way like rocks, sticks, leaves, or feathers to put together to design their own mosaic at the end of the trail.

Visitors from all over can agree that Bald Head Island is one of a kind and guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Plan ahead and bring your own supplies or just save the little things and photographs so you can remember your vacation in a special way.

Published on Thursday, September 9, 2021

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