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5 Things to do on Your Bald Head Island Summer Vacation

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Traveling is picking up around the country and people are making their summer vacation plans. This year has to be pretty great to make up for last summer. If you’ve been to Bald Head Island before, we don’t have to convince you to come back. If you’re set on a beach vacation, this charming island will give you everything you want and more. Here are some of our top things to do on your summer vacation here on Bald Island.  

Beautiful beaches + delicious snacks + great company = the best day! Plan a beach picnic for your crew with the most wonderful setting. Grab a blanket and pick up some to-go food from Maritime Market. You can call ahead for family meals or just put together a snack tray for everyone to enjoy. Many Bald Head Island vacation rentals are situated right next to the beach which makes it very convenient to transport your gear.  

Speaking of food, did you know you can order custom pizzas from Copper’s Wood-Fired Kitchen? They use fresh ingredients, make their own sourdough, and mix their own sauces. Everyone loves a good pizza and a pizza party is a great way to please the family without having to cook or wash dishes. Order ahead with your customized requests and pick up onsite at Maritime Market. Saving time in the kitchen means more time to make memories together! 

Ok, there’s got to be more than just good food. Let’s work off some of those great meals. Take the time to go hiking around the island through a variety of trails. Take a stroll through nature and enjoy the calm moments and beauty surrounding you. Bike rentals are readily available if you want another method to get around. You can plan a nature tour with Bald Head Island Conservancy to see the wildlife hotspots and get history on the island.  

With the ocean and creeks at your feet, don’t stall on enjoying them to the full. Get out on the water any way you can while you’re visiting. Take a swim in the ocean. Rent a kayak and enjoy rowing around the creeks. Take a paddleboard out and observe the marine life while getting a great exercise. Some of the best views of the island are from the water!  

You can’t come to Bald Head Island without climbing to the top of Old Baldy. North Carolina’s oldest standing lighthouse has 108 steps to the top. Bald Head Island is full of rich history and Old Baldy gives a spectacular panoramic view of the island. At the base of the lighthouse, you can browse the Smith Island Museum of History and see neat artifacts and learn more about the island.  

Whatever you put on your Bald Head Island itinerary, we know you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. Summer vacations are meant to be enjoyed and that’s when you create memories to last forever. Book your vacation soon and we hope to see you here on the island!  

Published on Friday, May 14, 2021

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