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How to Save on Your Next Bald Head Island Trip

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Are you still dreaming of a Bald Head Island vacation? If you’re like us, you look for the best ways to save money when you travel. The wonderful island we live on needs to be shared and everyone should get the opportunity to experience its beauty. Booking at the right time can mean extra days on the island. Here are some ways you can save on your trip.

Look for Specials – Did you know our Bald Head Island website has a specials page? Those that serve in the military get a 10% discount on their stay. There are also specials throughout the year for big events, last minute bookings, and holidays. Check back frequently to see what discounts are available for your upcoming plans. 

Avoid Peak Season – Most people look forward to a beach vacation during summer break. Bald Head Island is gorgeous year-round so any time you decide to come, you’re sure to have stunning views. If you are flexible with your trip dates, you can save by booking during off-season. The middle of summer and big holiday weekends are some of the most popular times to visit so prices can be higher during those times. 

Credit Card Rewards – Now, credit cards aren’t exactly the best way to SAVE money. But these days there are plenty of great reward programs on cards. If you are planning a visit to the island, try paying for usual spending (such as household bills, work supplies, and groceries) with a credit card that rewards you in flights or travel perks. Just be sure to pay it back right away to avoid interest.

Travel Light – You can cut down on extra costs by packing smart and traveling light. Some airlines charge per extra suitcase so you want to bring as little as possible. Space Saver Bags are great for traveling and keeping everything compact to save room. Leaving room in your luggage will let you bring back mementos from Bald Head Island!

Grocery Delivery – When you take the whole crew to the store for groceries, things could get out of hand. One way we like to stay within a budget is to make a list of what we need ahead of time and then order it online. This way, you have time to collect everyone’s requests without ending up with a cart full of cookies and ice cream. You can order before your arrival from Maritime Market and have your groceries delivered to your rental, ready for your arrival. Planning out your meals ahead of time will also save on extra trips to the store. 

Now that you know how to have a budget for your Bald Head Island vacation, you have to stick to it! Write it on your calendar and start planning your trip. We’re waiting for you!  

Published on Friday, April 30, 2021

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