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Take the Trip - It's Good for Your Health!

Many people long for a day off from the daily grind. We get so used to our routine that it becomes the norm and we sometimes forget to reward ourselves for our hard work. According to recent studies, about 28 million Americans don't get paid vacation days at all. Those who are offered paid time off receive an average of 10 days per year. But over half of those employed do not even use the days off they have earned. Some have said they are too busy to take time off or their company is understaffed. Others say they can’t afford to take a week off. But getting a break from work is important for your health. Here are 5 reasons you should take that vacation time.

Time away can relieve stress. Does anyone else wake up during the night anxious about the next day’s work? Even when you aren’t at the office, you can get overwhelmed thinking of deadlines. Stress can contribute to heart disease and high blood pressure among other health problems. Getting out of town and exploring a new place can relieve stress and help you relax. 

Worried about work piling up while you are gone? Plan in advance to delegate some projects to others or try to get ahead on your own. When you come back refreshed, you’ll likely be more productive and have a clear mind to tackle your work load. Vacations have proved to increase creativity since you are able to focus after a nice break. 

Venturing away from your town and regular surroundings can boost your mood in many ways. If you’re traveling to Bald Head Island, you can feel the worries fading away as the ferry takes you away from the mainland. Research shows that being around water helps lowering stress, increasing an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Taking a walk along the beaches of the island is one of the favorite pastimes of visitors to the island. Listening to the waves crash, feeling the sunshine on your skin, and watching a stunning sunset are all sure ways to promote a happier outlook. 

It’s no secret that a busy workweek takes a toll on your relationships. We can get so involved in our career that our family life gets put on the back burner. Taking time away to spend with those we love is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships. Quality time exploring, biking, and staying in a beautiful Bald Head Island vacation rental will give you just the boost you need to get back on track with those you love. 

Humans crave new experiences and traveling is a great way to challenge yourself. Whether it’s your first time flying, visiting a place you’ve never been, or first time on an island without cars, it’s thrilling to conquer new territory. Try new foods or a new sport. In Bald Head Island, you can take sailing lessons or try surfing. Kayak through the creeks or rent a stand-up paddleboard. You’ll go home with a great sense of accomplishment and wonderful memories.

Do you need more reasons to take a much-deserved vacation? Don’t let another year go by with vacation hours left on the shelf. Remind yourself there are at least 5 great reasons to make your vacation a priority. Book your trip to Bald Head Island today!

Published on Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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