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Bald Head Island Pumpkins

Create the Perfect Pumpkin for your Bald Head Island Porch

October is right around the corner and we can feel a change of season in the air. It’s time to get out the fall décor and spice things up with pumpkins and cinnamon brooms. With kids virtually learning, why not surprise them with a little arts and crafts project! Here are some of our favorite tips for families when creating the perfect pumpkin.

Kids will love creating some of their favorite cartoon characters with these fun pumpkins. One of our favorites is the Elsa pumpkin, credit to You will need teal spray paint to paint your pumpkin. Stick on gems in blue and white in lines down the sides of the pumpkin, make sure to alternate between blue and white. Every three or four lines of jewels add snowflake buttons. Repeat till you have entire pumpkin covered. Place the pumpkin on a thin blue tutu and top with blue tiara. Your little princess will love coming home to her Elsa pumpkin everyday of fall.

For a pumpkin project that everyone can be involved in we love Paint-Splattered Pumpkins, credit to Better Homes & Gardens. You will need several colors of paint mixed with a few drops of water, masking tape and paintbrushes. Use the tape to cover the stem. In watered-down paint, dip the paintbrush and flick the paint onto the pumpkin. Splatter pumpkins with a variety of colors and dry on waxed paper. The whole family will love dipping and flicking paint. You might want to make sure they are aiming for the pumpkin and not another family member.

For a more adult approach to decorating a pumpkin we chose the Craft Candle Pumpkin Holder, courtesy of You will need a glass candle holder, a grapevine garland, a fall leaf garland, and a flameless candle. Carve a hole at the top of the pumpkin so that the candle holder will fit snug and stick out at the top of the pumpkin. Place the fall leaf garland around the candle holder followed by the grapevine garland. Place the flameless candle in the candle holder and watch your pumpkin glow!

There are so many ways to enjoy fall on the Island. Why not get creative with a little arts and crafts project? Design the perfect pumpkin to adorn the porch of your Bald Head Island vacation rental!

Published on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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