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Three Generations at Bald Head Island

Why Dads Love Bald Head Island!

If you are looking for something special to do for Dad this year, why not take him on a trip to Bald Head Island? There are so many ways we can spend quality time with our fathers. Here are three reasons why Dad’s love Bald Head Island!

The Incredible Golf Course

The George Cobb designed course at the Bald Head Island Club is one of the most beautiful in the Southeast. Winding through the forest, under the eye of Old Baldy and out onto the dune ridge, this course gives you a 180-degree view of the ocean from the final holes. You can already see the smile on Dad’s face when he hits the fairway!

Fruitful Fishing Trips

Fishing on the island is so unique because of the diversity of the catch. Spend the day offshore for tuna, reel in red drum from the creeks or hook a flounder in the surf. Book an offshore fishing trip for blue fish, grouper, mackerel, tuna and even sailfish. There is no greater excitement then pulling in the first big catch of the day and no greater joy than fishing with Dad.

Laid Back Lifestyle

Bald Head Island is all about slowing down, enjoying your surroundings and spending quality time with those you love. Bald Head Island Vacation Rentals offer cozy settings and the opportunity for the whole family to stay under one roof. Reminiscing with Dad over a cup of coffee on the back porch that overlooks the beauty of nature, now those are memories you will cherish forever!

There is nothing like family! To be able to spend some quality time with Dad, doing the things that he enjoys, is the best gift you could give. Happy Father’s Day from Bald Head Island!

Published on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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