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Tips to Staying Fit and Still Having Fun While on Vacation

Spring is here and you’ve worked hard to be swimsuit ready! Afraid a week on an island will throw you off your healthy routine? Let’s hope it does. After all, vacation is the one chance to take a break from the everyday routine. Sometimes our mind and body need a change of pace but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. Here are a few tips on how you can stay fit but still have fun while vacationing on Bald Head Island.

Plan something active throughout your vacation. With all the exciting outdoor activities on Bald Head Island, this is easy! A great way to discover the island’s natural beauty is through its creeks. These are easily accessed by kayaks which can be a great upper body and cardio workout. If you’re new to kayaking sign up for a guided tour at the Bald Head Island Conservancy. They will get you off to a great start while showing you some amazing sites.

For a complete core workout spend some time on a Stand-Up Paddle board. Once you get your balance there’s plenty to explore. Paddle over to Lighthouse Creek for an easy loop that puts you in the shadow of Old Baldy. For a real workout, take the board out to West Beach to test your balance and core strength against some waves.

If you prefer a workout on land, then Bald Head Island has you covered. Hike the Maritime Forest with lots of wildlife to see along the way. Take a bike ride down beautiful Bald Head bike paths. Climb the 108 steps of Old Baldy, the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina and take in breathtaking views along the way.

When it comes to nutrition, there’s a variety of restaurants with options to help you to stick with your goals. Bald Head Island vacation rentals also have fully equipped kitchens so that you can prepare healthy snacks and meals. However, you are on vacation and are going to want to splurge here and there. Especially on dishes you wouldn’t normally get at home. Since you can only get around the island by golf cart, bicycle or your own two feet, this is the perfect opportunity to walk or cycle to and from each meal. 

Of course, you do deserve some down time, after all it is vacation. Do your best to stay active and eat healthy but also let yourself relax on the beach and eat something sweet like Jules’ Salty Grub & Island Pub’s famous Crème Brûlée Cheesecake. When you get back home you can hit the gym and get right back into your routine again!

Published on Thursday, March 12, 2020

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