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Spend Christmas on Bald Head Island

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If you are wondering what to do with yourself and the family this Christmas, we’ve got you covered! Why not just get away from it all and celebrate on vacation? Bald Head Island has plenty to offer for the entire family. 

This might be the year you get out of hosting the holidays for all your extended family. You can have your Christmas dinner in one of our many luxury Bald Head Island vacation rentals while enjoying the fun and beauty of the island. 

Learn the History 

For those who crave a bit of adventure, you can check out the historical sites. Old Baldy, which is North Carolina’s oldest standing lighthouse, is just a short walk from the ferry landing.  

Enjoy a spectacular view from the top, which you can climb for admission to the Smith Island Museum of History.  

You can take a tour of the island and learn all about Bald Head Island. Get an idea of what life was like in the 1500’s and you can see on the tour include the Old Boathouse located on Bald Head Creek, the foundation of the Cape Fear Light, and Captain Charlie’s Station, three lighthouse keeper’s cottages dating back to 1903.  

Outdoor Activities 

Whether your idea of outdoor activity involves spending the day on the golf course or feeling the sand between your toes on the beach, there is something for everyone. 

Take a hike around the island, rent a bike, pack a picnic, and really spend the day outside. You can take a kayak out and explore the creek and see all the different birds that live here.  

You can learn how to sail or hone your skills. There is a standup paddleboat for those with a sense of adventure or the thrill of soaring across the ocean on a kiteboard. Lessons are included, so don’t worry.  

If hanging at the beach is more your style, then go for a walk, go for a swim, or take your fishing rod out and see if you can catch your dinner. You can also charter a boat and really get serious about catching some fish with the family. 

Have an Island Wedding 

If you or someone in your family is looking to get married for Christmas, what better setting than the beauty of the island? The best part is that we can handle  everything to make it memorable. Don’t let the pandemic ruin your special day. The island can be the the most romantic backdrop for your vows. 

Your pictures will be stunning and your guests won’t complain about having to travel, as they can enjoy gorgeous accommodations. Just check out Bald Head Island vacation rentals and book the perfect home. 

Night Life, Day Life 

If you want to explore the shops and find yourself a few new holiday outfits, there are plenty of options.  

Visit the spa for some well-earned pampering before heading out to dinner at a nice restaurant or on the patio of your own rental home. Even shopping for groceries will be an adventure. 

Pick the rental for a week or a month. Stay the entire winter if that suits you. Your kids won’t complain about coming to visit and there is something to do for everyone. 

Be as active as you like or as secluded as you need to be. If there’s one thing we can all agree on for this year, it’s that we could use some relaxation. We sure do deserve it. So start browsing now and book the best home for your family to enjoy a Bald Head Island Christmas. See you soon! 

Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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