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Give the gift of Bald Head Island

Give the Gift of Bald Head Island in Spring

Holiday celebrations are definitely different this year. While travel may be limited, and big family gatherings put on hold it’s still important to keep the holiday spirit alive! Since this is the season all about giving why not give your family something special to look forward to, a trip to Bald Head Island in Spring! Here are three easy steps on how you can make a Bald Head Island vacation the best gift ever!

Start Preparing

Spring break starts as early as February for many. That’s just a few months away and Christmas is just around the corner so preparing is key. If traveling with family, find out what week is best for all. Check with teachers to see when the kids have off school for spring break. If virtually learning is the case, then no worries. You can book a Bald Head Island Vacation rental with plenty of Wi-Fi to get you through the week.

Have a Plan

Once you have narrowed down the dates for your Bald Head Island vacation then click online to check out all that the Island has to offer. Are you looking to frolic in the sand, soak in the sun, and be a beach bum for a week? Perhaps you are looking for a little adventure kayaking the creeks and exploring nature trails. Maybe your idea of the perfect Bald Head Island vacation is climbing Old Baldy and visiting the spa. Whatever the case you can go online and see what vacation rentals are available for your dates in the neighborhood that fits your itinerary the best!

Package and Present

Once your Bald Head Island vacation is reserved you must find the perfect way to package and present it. One fun way is finding pictures of activities you plan to participate in while on the island. You can get as crafty as you would like. They will love flipping through picture after picture before coming to an invitation to a vacation in spring on Bald Head Island!

Plan now for a spring vacation on Bald Head Island. It’s the holiday gift that keeps giving for months. Happy Holidays and see you soon from Bald Head Island!

Published on Sunday, December 6, 2020

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