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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Visit Bald Head Island!

Many plan to visit Bald Head Island during summer for fun in the sun. These beautiful beaches are full of families and friends looking to take advantage of all that summer has to offer. However, if you want to really enjoy the beauty of the island and truly relax, then winter is the season for you. Here are some reasons why we love Bald Head Island during the off season!

Since most take their vacations on Bald Head Island during the summer months, in winter you will have the island all to yourself. Once the ferry ride is over and you step on land a feeling of peace will come over you. The air is crisp, and the atmosphere is calm. It’s almost as if you have discovered a secluded island with all the amenities you will need. What better way to spend winter then in perfect weather and beautiful surroundings!

Speaking of weather, during winter it is just right, especially for the holidays. During the day temperatures are in the 60’s making outdoor activities pleasurable. Play a game of golf, go for a bike ride, walk the beach, take a hike, bird watch, fish, sail, explore Old Baldy Lighthouse or just hang out with a good book enjoying this perfect weather. In the evening temperatures drop to the 40’s giving you that white Christmas, holiday spirit vibe without the inconvenience of shoveling snow.

There is something special about Bald Head Island during the holidays. Roomy vacation rentals can be reserved for a fraction of the price of summer. Imagine the whole family together under one roof for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkey dinners being prepared by several generations in a spacious kitchen or Christmas cocktails being sipped on a sizable porch with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Ring in the New Year with champagne toasts, family, and friends. Now that’s the way to celebrate!

With off season prices being extremely affordable, why limit yourself to one holiday? How about spending a month or more on the beautiful Island of Bald Head? Spacious Bald Head Island vacation rentals are filling up this winter so reserve yours now and enjoy the best season Bald Head Island has to offer!

Published on Monday, October 26, 2020

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