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Bald Head Island after Dorian

Bald Head Island Strong After Hurricane Dorian

Bald Head Island is one of the most beautiful destination spots on the East coast. Visitors come and go all year-round to enjoy the serene atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately, the weather cannot be controlled and sometimes it affects our favorite places. In recent years, we’ve had our share of storms and you may be wondering what state Bald Head Island is in post storms. Here’s an update on the island and an overview on what happens during bad weather.

To access Bald Head Island, a ferry is required to take you from the mainland to our charming island. When a big storm is on the forecast, residents and visitors are given ample time to evacuate before the storm hits. The safest thing to do in these cases is to leave the island while there isn’t a rush. Hurricane Florence required evacuation, there was some storm damage to the island, but it was back up and running in just a few months. With a high regard to safety all around, only professionals were used in initial emergency efforts.

Hurricane Dorian came through in early September. The island evacuated on the 4th and people were able to return on the 7th. In all cases of severe weather, media outlets can tend to embellish the facts. Despite some minor damage to Bald Head Island during Dorian, residents were welcomed back soon after and business picked up as usual. In times of distress, the community bands together and we remember the heart of the people in Bald Head Island.

Despite any new stories you might see or hear, Bald Head Island is stronger than ever after the storms. Homes are safe, businesses are carrying on, and the island is thriving. If you’re ever in doubt, you can always reach out to Bald Head Island Limited Property Management to get an update. Don’t let the weather affect your next vacation. Storms will come and go but you can’t let them change your favorite vacation destination. Book your next island getaway today! 

Published on Thursday, January 23, 2020

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