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The Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge on Bald Head Island

On July 4th the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge entered the 4th of July Golf Cart Parade on Bald Head Island. Immediately following the parade, the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge was set up at the Maritime Market to serve delicious pink lemonade for a great cause. Kids coming together to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in hopes that they will be the first generation in their family to be breast cancer free!

 At age 7, Brynne Rhodes, like thousands of other kids around the world, asked her parents if she could open a lemonade stand. This was not your ordinary lemonade stand. See Brynne’s mom, Kim, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and was currently going through treatments. Brynne wanted to do something to help so her mother suggested donating the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Kim pledged to match every dollar Brynne raised from her stand. Brynne decided to make her lemonade pink and that’s how the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge was created.

The pink lemonade stand opened for business and the lemonade could not be poured fast enough. People were making donations well above the price of lemonade. After recruiting her friend Maddie to the challenge and raising over $1000, Brynne thought it would be great to get everyone involved. “Having cancer makes you feel helpless and doing something about it gives you your power back”, says Brynne’s mom Kim. The whole family hopes to inspire families nationwide to take the challenge and that is just what they are doing.

From 15 states last summer, The Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge hopes to reach all 50 states this summer and Bald Head Island was happy to support the cause. On July 25th, Bald Head Island Club presents Go Pink, Help Save Lives event. Enjoy a full day of fun including a fashion show, silent auction and hors d'oeuvres with proceeds supporting breast cancer research. 

Published on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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