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5 Unique Beach Activities Worth Trying This Summer

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5 Unique Beach Activities Worth Trying This Summer

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Bald Head Island has approximately 14 miles of pristine beach access along the southernmost edge of the isle, which is one of the main reasons that families, couples, and groups choose our coastal North Carolina paradise for bi-annual getaways. Our secluded haven is accessible by boat only, so you won’t find any loud cars on this pristine 12,000-acre island. The most popular things to do on Bald Head Island, including fishing, golfing, and swimming, are all within bicycling or walking distance from our vacation homes. When you’re not putting for birdie at the Bald Head Island Club, dining on fresh-caught seafood at a lavish local restaurant, or splashing in a private pool, we recommend taking a short stroll to the beach this summer to try these five unique beach activities.

Fly a Kite

The Atlantic Ocean’s wind range (6-15 miles per hour) here on Bald Head Island is ideal for kite flying, one of our favorite beach activities. Kite supplies are limited on the island, so we recommend packing kites with your luggage. The southeastern edge of Bald Head Island is the best place to fly a kite during the summertime as gusts from several directions create ideal wind windows.

Pack a Picnic

Is there anything better than savoring a family picnic under the warm coastal North Carolina sunshine with your toes in the sand and the soothing sounds of the ocean’s waves as natural background music? Temperatures typically sit in the mid-80s during the summer months here on Bald Head Island, so remember to pack iced tea, crisp vegetables, and light sandwiches for your memorable picnic.

A Jog at Dawn

Oceanside jugging, much like most beach activities that involve exercise, is equally refreshing and rewarding. Not all beaches are built for jogging, but Bald Head Island’s 14 miles of pristine beach access is a perfect consistency: equally stiff and forgiving. It’s hard to top an early-morning jog at sunset, and, luckily for you, most of our Bald Head Island rentals are within steps of the ocean!

Surf Lessons

Some might not list surfing as one of the best beach activities, but most of our guests are surfing novices, so they usually spend just as much time practicing onshore and catching their breath than they do in the ocean. If you need lessons or a surfboard rental, we recommend The Sail Shop just down the road from the BHI Ferry Landing. The surfing conditions on Bald Head Island are typically beginner-friendly during most hours of the day, but experts will discover spectacular conditions during swells along the East Beach.

Build a Sandcastle

While sandcastle building is certainly not one of the most uncommon beach activities here on Bald Head Island, most beach-goers are typically swimming, sunbathing, or reading. Remember to use moist sand that’s found below the tide line and always work from top to bottom. Also, periodically adding water helps the sandcastle hold its form. Many of our guests build sandcastles in front of their Bald Head Island vacation rentals and watch them slowly disintegrate during their extended stay.

Oceanfront Bald Head Island Vacation Rentals

Spring has officially arrived, which signifies it’s time to lock in your summer plans. Not only is Bald Head Island one of the retirement capitals of the U.S., but our exclusive isle also attracts families in need of an escape and couples looking for a beautiful, secluded haven. To book a well-deserved summertime getaway to Bald Head Island, please give us a call today at 1-877-344-7370, or visit us online at

Published by Trisha Howarth
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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