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How to Throw a Destination New Year’s Eve Bash on Bald Head Island!

On New Year’s Eve we say goodbye to the old and hello to new possibilities. Top New Year’s Resolution for 2020 is to boost energy and stress less. How appropriate to celebrate this fresh start at one of the most energizing, stress-free spots in the US, Bald Head Island! To keep your planning as laid back as possible, here are 5 simple tips to throwing a New Year’s bash on Bald Head Island. 


First thing you must do is create a guest list. Decide how many people will comfortably fit in your Bald Head Island vacation rental and go from there. Remember that since this is a destination party, many on your list might not be able to attend and the ones that do will be spending more than just a few hours with you so choose your guests wisely. Whether you use paper or email invites, make sure to get the invitations out early!


Second is deciding on the theme. New Year’s Eve parties can be anywhere from formal to beachy casual. Whether you decide to have a black-tie event or resort casual, make sure you include that on the invitation, so everyone is prepared, and no one will show up feeling awkward. You also want to decorate to reflect your theme. Which brings us to tip number three!


Decorating your Bald Head Island vacation rental for a New Year’s party can be great fun! Incorporating breathtaking views of the ocean and delightful porches will make the decorating possibilities endless. It's New Year's Eve so make sure to have fun party favors on hand such as noise makers and sparklers for when the countdown begins. Whether formal or casual, try to include an islandy feel in your décor, reminding your guests where they are celebrating this New Year!


Fourth thing we must think about is food. Will you have a formal, sit-down dinner or buffet style? Once you pick your dinner setting you can plan the menu. Don’t take it all on yourself. Remember that New Year’s resolution of boosting energy and stressing less. You can’t accomplish that while stuck in a kitchen. Ask friends to make a small dish to contribute to the celebration. Everyone loves to share their favorite holiday recipes with friends. You can also consider having it catered. Bald Head Island has a few catering options such as: Coastal Catering & Events.


Last but definitely not least, the drink menu. New Year’s Eve celebrations are all about raising your glass and toasting to new possibilities. Have your go to drinks available such as wine, beer and champagne, as well as a signature drink to spark the occasion. Here’s one of our favorite cocktail recipes that tastes like a celebration!


Combine 4 cups of Cran-Apple Juice, 2 bottles of red Moscato, 1 bottle of Prosecco, ½ cup of Vodka, 2 cups of frozen Cranberries and 1/3 cup of mint leaves in a punch bowl. Serve with a sugared rim during your Bald Head Island New Year’s Eve Bash. It’s sure to be a hit!

Published on Monday, December 2, 2019

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