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Christmas on the Beach, NC

Christmas Family Beach

Reasons to Spend Christmas on the Beach on Bald Head Island When the end of the year approaches, so does the cold that often comes with it. People all around the globe often have to break out a layer or two more than normal and brace themselves for the long winter. But here on Bald Head Island , we don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures and snowstorms. Instead, we can focus on the good fortune we’ve had for the year and look ahead to what the next year brings. This year, spend your Christmas on the beach on  Bald Head Island in one of our holiday rentals for a great conclusion to your year. But if you need some convincing, we’ve got plenty of reasons why you should spend your Christmas in North Carolina. 

With Christmas on the Beach, Comes Toes in the Sand 

Many of our North Carolina rentals on Bald Head Island are oceanfront or are mere steps away from the water. Instead of layering warm, fuzzy socks for the day, slip off your shoes before you dip your toes in the water.  Still indulge in traditional winter activities, and spend hours creating sand snowmen and sand angels without the bulkiness of a winter coat. The ocean breeze will keep you comfortable as you create your own version of Frosty

Soak Up the Peace and Quiet 

In addition to the wonderful climate here on Bald Head Island, soak up the peace that vacations to Bald Head Island provide. Christmas on the beach will soothe you, as the waves of the ocean are the only noise you’ll hear—besides the laughter of your family and the Christmas music you’ll play in the background. 

Plus, the holiday hustle and bustle can be a pain. Here on Bald Head Island, you can still host your own Christmas, but your job as host will be much easier. Wake up the day of in our holiday rentals, and don’t worry about cleaning, as the properties will be immaculate upon arrival. Escaping to have your Christmas on the beach gives you a break from your daily work to-do lists and regular social obligations, allowing you to reset and start fresh for the new year. 

Create New Holiday Traditions 

When your family is big and doesn’t live near to each other, it’s hard to see each other on a regular basis. By booking one of our beach cabins in NC, you can fit all of your family in one space for an annual get-together that you’ll anticipate all year long. Cousins can whisper and giggle about Santa’s arrival from shared children’s bedrooms, and aunts, uncles, and grandparents can spend a few uninterrupted days together and reminisce about when they were younger. 

Things to Do on Bald Head Island 

Christmas on the beach is the way to go, no matter where you’re from. Our perfectly peachy temperatures on Bald Head Island provide plenty of things to do across the island, and Bald Head Island vacation rentals offer plenty of things to do inside with your travel crew. For more information about holiday rentals on Bald Head Island,  visit us on our website or give us a call at 877-344-7370. 

Published by Trisha Howarth
Thursday, December 12, 2019

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