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For the Sweet Tooth: Desserts at Bald Head Island Restaurants

Bald Head Island Restaurants

For the Sweet Tooth: Desserts at Bald Head Island Restaurants

Bald Head Island Restaurants

For some travelers, vacation is the opportunity to eat whatever they please. Trying different restaurants provides the chance to discover a new favorite meal or sweet treat. And if they like the dish, they can go back again and again to get the same thing, or to try every other option. Although our North Carolina beach vacation rentals on Bald Head Island often provide kitchens, there are a few Bald Head Island restaurants to take advantage of during your time off the mainland.

Bald Head Island Restaurants 

Although the selection of Bald Head Island restaurants is limited, all of them are worth a visit. Depending on what kind of craving you’re having, or simply what type of dessert you typically go for, check out our debriefing of North Carolina desserts available on the island. 

Sandpiper Coffee & Ice Cream 

As indicated by its name, you’ll find Sandpiper Coffee & Ice Cream when you search “ice cream shops near me.” Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla are available every day, but other flavors rotate daily. Put your choice of ice cream in a bowl, waffle, or cake cone, and top it off with chocolate or caramel sauce, sprinkles, or gummy bears. If you’d rather slurp your sweets, go for a milkshake, frozen hot chocolate, vanilla bean frappe, frozen chai, or smoothie. When you can’t sleep from your sugar high, return for coffee the next day to give yourself that morning boost. 

Delphina Coastal Cuisine 

Out of all Bald Head Island restaurants, Delphina Coastal Cuisine doesn’t have as many options for desserts as they do for Mexican entrees. However, they make up for it in uniqueness: order churros for a classic Mexican dessert, or the less traditional peach carlota, with vanilla cookies at the bottom, and an ice-cream like peach topping.

Mojo’s On the Harbor 

Although dessert is fun enough on its own, alcohol always ups the ante. Try the Bailey’s Banana Colada or the caramel RumChata milkshake. The Bushwacker frozen cocktail has rum, Irish creme, hazelnut, coffee liquor, creme de cacao, and coconut to create the ultimate indulgence. Kids and adults alike can order the lava cake a la mode, key lime pie, handmade ice cream sandwich, or the creme brulee cheesecake for the ultimate crossover dessert. Besides the desserts, eat at Mojo’s on Bald Head Island for seafood and sushi. 

Things to Do on Bald Head Island 

During your vacation to Bald Head Island, you deserve a treat or two—or three. Bald Head Island restaurants give you several options, whether you want a gooey, melty sugar high, or a cold and creamy one. Vacation rentals like Twin Peaks, All Inn, and Happy Place are all located very near to the three restaurants  For more information about things to do on Bald Head Island and our vacation rentals, visit us on our website

Published by Trisha Howarth
Thursday, October 31, 2019

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