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Plan the Best Super Bowl Party in Bald Head Island

The time has come. The end of football season is near with the big game just around the corner. New England Patriots will be playing Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl 2019. Whether you are rooting for one of these teams or not, you’ll likely be watching the big game. Half of the fun is throwing a big viewing party with great friends, food and drinks. Here are our suggestions for having the best Super Bowl party yet!

Location: Bald Head Island vacation rentals come with plenty of features to help make the best party. Large living areas for all to gather around the big screen, expansive kitchens for all the cooking and serving, and wide wraparound decks for outdoor entertainment are some of the perks of our rentals. Have all your friends stay over in a 6 or 7-bedroom home like Chirico House or Marsh Madness. You can even have two parties by renting a home with a crofter. Or select a rental with a screened-in porch for an outdoor dinner. After the party, celebrate (or try to forget) down by the beach!

Eats: Pinterest is our go-to when we want to step it up a notch for a party. Rice Krispy treats were a big hit last year with the colors of each team. This year, we’re going to try these football soft pretzels made with pizza dough. Want some frozen treats? You’ll love this recipe for frozen footballs with ice cream and chocolate chips. If you’re short on time, these easy football cookies can be made fast with just a few supplies. 

Drinks: We can’t forget the drinks! If you want a great party punch for everyone, here is a great recipe for non-alcoholic Raspberry Sangria Punch. Or pick one of the drinks we created for our Bald Head Island mixology series like the Shoals Sunset that has fruit juice and vodka. This one is also a nice treat for Valentine’s Day!  

Every Super Bowl, there are going to be some people disappointed by the end of the day. The good thing about being in Bald Head Island is that you can’t stay upset long. With gorgeous scenery and breathtaking sunsets, you’re bound to shake your blues away. Grab your friends and head to the beach. Take a bike ride or hike some trails. Bald Head Island is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. What a great place to spend with friends and family.

Published on Friday, January 25, 2019

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