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Life is Short, Take the Vacation

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to take a vacation. Some people live for vacations. Sometimes we get so busy wrapped up in our routine that the year passes by and we never took time off! Don’t believe it? According to past studies, 55% of Americans do not use all their vacation days. That’s more than half! Workers are leaving an average of SEVEN vacation days per year unused. Whatever the reasons are behind this, we’re going to tell you why you need a vacation and why it should be in Bald Head Island. 

Taking time off from your daily routine, whether it’s a busy life of parenting or a full-time office job, benefits everyone. Staying balanced will help you avoid burnout and a nice vacation can reenergize you. On Bald Head Island, the laid-back atmosphere forces you to slow down and appreciate the little things. Riding a bike around town or taking a tour of the island from your golf cart will give you that nice, fresh air with beautiful views to enjoy.

Trying something new or outside of your comfort zone is a great way to challenge yourself while making lasting memories. You can rent a paddleboard or kayak at Coastal Urge and explore the creeks in Bald Head Island. There are also sailing lessons available and kiteboarding for the more adventurous ones. All About Art has art classes throughout the month where you can make your own vacation souvenirs to take home. Get your friends and family to join you while you all pick up a fun new hobby! 

If you’re tense from work or overwhelmed with a busy schedule, make an appointment at Island Retreat Spa and let worries fade away. You can get a deep tissue massage or refreshing facial to leave you completely rejuvenated. You can even join in a yoga class which also has many health benefits. Take a walk down the beach or get up early for a sunset. Forget about everything back at home and soak in the salty air and warm sunshine. 

Bald Head Island vacation rentals include plenty of additions to enhance your wellness trip. Beachfront properties, wraparound decks, a hammock near beach access, and stunning views will no doubt make your vacation one you’ll never forget. Don’t let another year go by without taking time off for yourself. After a trip to Bald Head Island, you’ll come back happier and healthier, ready to take on the world! 

Published on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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