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5 Things Your Kids Will Love For the Beach

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Summer vacation at the beach is one of the things we all looked forward to as a child. Getting out of town, staying somewhere new, and spending your days playing in the water is a summer highlight for us all. While being at the beach, especially in gorgeous Bald Head Island, is enough to put a permanent smile on your face, here are some of the best items to bring on your vacation.

Giant floats are all the rage right now. Not just solid color long floats or a traditional round float. Those will get the job done but these days, the possibilities are endless. Your kids will be easy to spot out on the water riding a giant whale or lounging on a pineapple. There are also unicorns, donuts, pizza slices, and taco floats, just to name a few. 

For young kids, a small inflatable pool is a beach must. This will take the stress away of them being in the sun too much or getting carried away in the tide. Set the pool in the shade of your umbrella and relax in your chair next to them playing in the water with their toys. This is also great for cleanup at the end of the day. Rinse off kids and beach toys before putting the pool away. 

Bring back kites! We loved flying kites when we were young. There are a variety of fun, colorful kites available and kids of all ages love seeing them fly. This giant rainbow kite was one of the best we found or you can grab a few different colors of octopus kites

While you will definitely get some gems if you splurge on the popular GoPro cameras, you don’t have to empty your wallet to take some great underwater photos. This waterproof camera won’t break the bank and is a bestseller online. Get one for the kids to play in the water and get some fun action shots or take some photos of sea creatures. 

It seems like every beach trip, we have to buy a whole new toy set. We found some cool sets at great prices that the kids will love. This 18 piece set comes with a variety of toys and tools and comes in a convenient mesh backpack. This 15 piece set comes with tools to make the perfect sand castle and all packs into a clear zippered bag with handles for easy carrying. 

With your beach gear all ready to go, you just need the perfect Bald Head Island vacation rental. Choose from luxury homes on or near the beach with all the best amenities. Make this a beach vacation the kids will never forget! 

Published on Thursday, July 19, 2018

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