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How to Make Your Car Ride to Bald Head Island Fun for the Entire Family


Are you driving to Bald Head Island for your vacation this summer?  If so, here is a list of games to make that car ride fun and educational for the entire family.

The License Plate Game 
Keep everyone busy for a couple of hours watching for various state license plates to win this game.  A favorite among families with school aged children, this game will cause some friendly competition among family members.  A good idea - purchase some prizes to award the winners of your car games.


Car Bingo 
You will need a few clipboards, copies of bingo sheets and pencils or markers for everyone to participate in car bingo.  This game is a fun oldie but goodie. You can make your own version using things you will most likely see on the road. An easy option - Print copies from Pinterest like the one below.



Word Explorer 

Many adults and children love crossword puzzles and word explorer games.  The best part is you can purchase a book of word puzzles for each family member.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a document that has images of the most commonly things you will see during your car trip.  You can print it on a sheet with adhesive on the back or just use your tape. This way your children can adhere it to the window.  As they see the items they can just check it directly on the sheet. Some ideas for things to include - For Sale Sign, American Flag, and Mile Markers

Conversation Starters 

Traveling by car gives the family plenty of time to have conversations about various topics.  You can print a conversation starter checklist to inspire conversation among family members. There are plenty of these checklists that can be found on the internet or you can create your own.

A car ride is a great way to travel to Bald Head Island.  The best part just may be driving your vehicle on board the Southport ferry from Carolina Beach.  Once you arrive in Southport, it is a short hop over to Deep Point Marina where you will board the Bald Head Island passenger ferry.  If you need more information on the Southpoint ferry, visit their website or read our blog post on the Bald Head Island ferry. 

Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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