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Get Inspired by the 2017 Southern Living Idea Home on Bald Head Island


Bald Head Island was the selected location for the “2017 Southern Living Idea House.”  The home was designed to provide inspiration to current and prospective homeowners. Although public tours of this beautiful home have ended, you can still get so many ideas from the information online.  We would like to share our top five favorite things about this home below. 

The first style inspired idea that we love is the use of a glass lantern in front of a mirror in the airy and relaxing living room.  The gorgeous, yet simple, glass lantern from Circa Lighting gives a touch of quiet elegance to the living area of this home. 

Our next favorite thing that can be found in the 2017 Southern Living Idea House is the versatility of the dining room chairs.  The dining chairs are from Paleck and the relaxed style allows the chairs to be used anywhere in the home when entertaining. 

It is often said that “the kitchen is the heart of the home” and this is certainly true in this home.  The opening in the ceiling allows people to view the activity upstairs, gives an interesting architectural feel to the kitchen and allows ventilation for the hot air to float up.   

Since the temperatures in North Carolina are moderate for most of the year, outdoor living is pretty important.  Another unique feature of this home is contained on the back porch. The installation of bifold windows from the Marvin Signature Series that allows people to pass food or other things easily from the indoors out.   

The final favorite feature of this tranquil home by the water is the aqua color that can be found both in the master bedroom and master bathroom.  The Lili Cement patterned tile  where aqua is the dominant color gives the white master bathroom a beautiful pop of color.  In addition, the patterned tile doesn’t require grout either.  


Would you like to learn more about the 2017 Southern Living Idea House?  Visit to read their feature article and then watch the house video on our website.   

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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