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Why Should You Retire to Bald Head Island?


Many people see retirement as a time where they can finally do “what they want where they want.” It is a time for change and you may be considering relocating to a place where the weather is nice, have access to diverse things to do and opportunities to volunteer.  Let us give you just a few reasons why Bald Head Island should be on your list of places to consider. 

1. The weather in Eastern, North Carolina is beautiful most of the time.  Sabal palm trees grow here naturally and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream leads to mild temperatures throughout each season. 

2. You have access to both beaches and mountains within a few hours in your car.  If you want to live at the beach but you also like mountain views as well, you can leave Bald Head Island and arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains in about 6 ½ hours. 

3. North Carolina is a favorite locale for foodies.  With restaurants serving great barbeque and delicius seafood dishes, you will enjoy all of the dining options our area offers. 

4. If you like sports, you will have plenty of teams to cheer on in North Carolina.  Professional sports’ fans can attend a Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets game in Charlotte which is just a few hours away from BHI or you can catch a basketball game at one of the many nearby colleges.  Retirees also love the area because they have more time to play golf and tennis due to our gorgeous weather. 

5. People interested in attending cultural events have many options in close proximity.  The Wilson Center, located in nearby Wilmington, is one of the newest venues bringing to our area some of the most popular shows and concerts. 

6. Top rated healthcare facilities and specialists surround you.  Dosher Memorial hospital is about a 5 minute drive from Deep Point Marina in Southport, NC.  In addition, prescription drugs are exempt from sales tax in our state. 

Bald Head Island has appeared on several lists as a great place to retire.  We have given you just a few reasons to consider Bald Head Island as your new home.  The best way to know if BHI is right for you is to schedule a time to visit.   

Published on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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