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Packing Tips for your Spring Break Trip on Bald Head Island

Packing Tips for Bald Head Island Spring Break

Your spring break trip is finally here! You’ve dreamt about lying on the beach all winter long. Well dream no more! Shoveling snow is over and your heading to warmer weather on Bald Head Island. Here’s a few tips on what to pack before you get here. 

First; choose your suitcase wisely. Whether you’re flying or driving, you will be getting on a ferry to get to the island, so we suggest something manageable. The island has plenty of shops where you can purchase necessities so if you can do without it, then leave it behind. A carry-on could just be the best way to go! 

The weather during spring can be a high of 75 as well as a low of 45 so along with that cute little swimsuit and sundress you’ve been dying to wear all winter, you may want to bring some warmer clothes as well. A light sweater and a pair of slacks will keep you more comfortable in the evenings when temperatures tend to drop. 

Packing a pair of sandals to show off that Pedi you just got is a must. However, don’t forget your sneakers. Remember, no cars are on the island, so you will be doing a lot of walking and bike riding. There’s also exciting hiking trails and you can’t come all the way to Bald Head Island without climbing Old Baldy Lighthouse.  

If planning to have dinner at the Bald Head Island Clubhouse you will want to make sure resort casual attire is packed. Nothing terribly fancy, just neat, clean and fashionable. You can look on the Clubhouse website for proper club attire policies.

Other important items that are worth mentioning are cameras, phone chargers, ID, money and credit cards. You won’t go far on the island without those. Not to mention your unmentionables. Those seem to sometimes get accidently left behind. In case they do, Bald Head Island has plenty of shops that can replace them. 

Your bag is packed, and you are on your way. Happy Spring Break 2018 from Bald Head Island

Published on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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