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Must-See TV: Bald Head Island To Be Featured On HGTV’s Island Life


The name itself, Island Life, conjures up images of sandy beaches and palm trees, the scent of the ocean, and the feel of salt on your skin. It’s no surprise that the immensely popular network HGTV found Bald Head Island a fitting subject for two episodes of their aptly named hit show.

The episodes feature two families: a couple from Wisconsin that is planning to spend about six months of the year on Bald Head Island, and a North Carolina couple whose island home is a vacation getaway for family and friends.

Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales agent Stephanie Blake was given the opportunity to participate in the production of both episodes, which filmed for two weeks in July of 2018. She described the entire process as delightful and said she especially enjoyed the camaraderie that developed during filming, including growing closer to the homeowners and getting to know the crew.

“The production crew was absolutely incredible,” she said. “They were 100% professional and made it easy and comfortable for all involved.”

Stephanie said much like nearly everyone who visits the island, the film crew appeared smitten by Bald Head Island. “They were captivated by the novelty of being on an island with no cars and riding around on golf carts,” she said. “They also enjoyed meeting the islanders and the history buffs were enamored with the pirate lore and Old Baldy Lighthouse,” explained Stephanie.

Unlike most of HGTV’s other shows, “Island Life” doesn’t just feature houses; it highlights the homes’ location, as well. “It was great that we shot all the areas of the island and the different environments,” said Stephanie. “Bald Head Island has so much to offer, and these shows will present a snapshot of the entire island.”

Stephanie says coming to work on Bald Head Island is a dream come true, and she loves sharing this special place with her family and friends. While she is excited about the exposure the show will bring to the island, she described a paradox that many islanders feel.

“There’s a thin, fine line between wanting to keep the island as a hidden gem,” she said, “and wanting to give it the recognition it deserves. That’s a delicate balance.”

Mark your calendars for episodes 11 and 12 of season 14.

Published on Friday, December 7, 2018

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