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Bald Head Island Post-Hurricane Update

What a year! As many know, Bald Head Island was directly affected by Hurricane Florence. While many on the island and nearby areas were working hard on disaster relief, Hurricane Michael then slammed the East Coast. While most of the damage was in Florida, Bald Head Island still struggled with the dangerous winds and flood waters. We are thankful more damage wasn’t done to the island and its residents but have quite a way to go before everything is back up and running.

When news of Hurricane Florence spread in mid-September, the East Coast braced for strong winds and lots of rain. Bald Head Island was immediately under a Mandatory Evacuation with the island in a State of Emergency. We hoped for it all to blow over with little damage but the flooding began. As you can see from the aerial views, many homes are under several feet of water. Bald Head Island Limited Property Management employees had to sign a legal waiver in order to just return to the island and inspect homes. With rising flood waters and the risk of mold inhalation, employees wore protective masks and clothing when entering the owners’ properties post-storm. There is much work to be done and our team is dedicated to providing quality service no matter what the circumstances are.

Toni Henry says, “I was eager to return to the island to access each home. After acknowledging the risks involved in inspecting homes and putting on protective clothing including an industrial respirator mask, I worked with our teams to access and report on each home. I have been on the island during many post-storm events, and Hurricane Florence was the worst I have ever witnessed. Travailing through flood and storm waters, entering homes with an abundance of mold and major damage was gut-wrenching. I hope we never experience the magnitude of another Hurricane Florence. While working with adjustors for our homes, the island once again hit with adverse weather from Tropical Storm Michael. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mexico City, FL residents. Seeing the damage there on news stations where the hurricane hit as a category four, was a reminder of how fortunate Bald Head Island faired through both storms. Even with the major damage, longer than usual island closing and road to recovery we face, I am confident the island and homes will be restored better than ever.”

We know the spirits of Bald Head Island employees and residents will stay positive and we are thankful for all the support received thus far. We will continue to give updates on the progress of the island restoration and look forward to opening back up for visitors who have long called Bald Head Island their home away from home.

Published on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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