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How to Visit Bald Head Island on a Budget

Vacation on a budget

If you’re looking to visit Bald Head Island but need to stay on a budget we’ve got some great tips for you. After all, you’ve saved all year for this vacation and you want your dollar to stretch so you can enjoy every bit of it. Here’s some ways you can get the best bang for your buck! 

Travel Off Season

You can usually get better deals off season, especially at beach destinations such as Bald Head Island. Check out the Bald Head Island Haven Special running now through May. Stay 3 or 4 nights get 1 night free. Stay 5 nights get 2 nights free. Stay on budget with oceanfront properties for a fraction of the price! 

Explore Rewards

We all use credit cards. Find one that gives you points that you can use on travel and use it throughout the year to rack up points for your next vacation. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to go into debt. However, if you save your cash and pay the balance each month you’ll be able to have enough points for a flight before you know it. Many cards offer incentive points as well when you sign up.  

Discover Included Activities 

There are many activities that don’t cost extra especially when staying in a resort or vacation spot such as Bald Head Island. Spending the day at the beach and hiking the nature trails cost nothing. Fun resort events are often included so make sure to check out the activities calendar before you stay.  

Eat In

If staying in a Bald Head Island Resort Rental you will have breath taking views. Why go out? Stop by the market and cook at home in your full kitchen. Enjoy dinner on the back porch taking in the sunset. Visit the restaurants at lunch when prices are lower and enjoy a big meal, then snack at dinner with a bottle of wine taking in the ocean views!

Homemade Souvenirs

We get so caught up with bringing things home to family and friends. Let’s face it! They weren’t there, and they don’t care about a T-shirt or key chain baring its name. Unless, however, it’s edible. So, find a local food or drink recipe and invite people over to enjoy it when you get back home. Hearing about your experience and sharing a piece of it is much better than a gift they will never use.  

There you have it. Bald Head Island on a budget. Now, book that vacation you so well deserve and have an amazing time! 

Published on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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