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Do-It-Yourself Trendy Fall Décor with Coastal Style

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The season is changing and although saying goodbye to summer is never easy, the slight change in temperature brings on a whole new outlook. You’d like your Bald Head Island cottage to carefully reflect the change of season while still keeping a beachy theme. These do-it-yourself fall trends are easy and fun! 

Décor: Coastal Pumpkins by Home and Garden 
How to Create: First pick out the size and shape pumpkin that will best fit your plan. Cut from the top then scoop out the seeds and flesh with a serrated spoon. Sketch your coastal design right on the pumpkin or print a template out and tape it on. Use a sharp knife to trace your pattern then place a battery operated candle inside and let your coastal pumpkin shine! 

Décor: Coastal Fall Wreath by Pinterest 
How to Create: Start with a fresh evergreen wreath. Make a bow out of burlap and wrap each bow loop with silver wire to secure. Wrap bow base with green floral wire and secure to top of wreath. Hot glue starfish evenly around wreath. Hang on your front door and welcome guests to autumn on the coast! 

Décor: Coastal Fall Centerpiece by Coastal Shore Creations 
How to Create: Start with a shallow wicker basket and line it with burlap. Place your favorite fall scented candle in the middle of the basket. Next purchase small gourds then paint them light blue, white and orange. Place gourds around the candle in the basket. Add starfish as accents around the candle and on top of the gourds. This simple coastal centerpiece with a taste of fall will add style to your dinner table! 

Let the natural beauty of Bald Head Island inspire creativity for your coastal fall creations! 

Published on Friday, September 29, 2017

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