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Why Fisherman Love Bald Head Island

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bald Head Island Fishing

Years ago, fishing was more of a relaxing pastime Grandpa used to enjoy on the weekends. Nowadays, it is an exciting sport that men and women of all ages love. Bald Head Island has plenty of fun activities to make a memorable vacation and fishing is one of its popular attractions. So if you are thinking about adding a fishing excursion to your itinerary, we can tell you it will be worth it!

Some sign up or a trip just to have a relaxing time out on the water. Enjoying nature while waiting for some bites on your hook is a great way to unwind. Others are all about the gain. What kind of fish can you expect to catch on the island? There are several areas where you can fish which will bring in a number of different types. If you are casting from the shore, you can find flounder, red drum, blue fish, mullet, and pompano. Or you can take a kayak out on the creeks and search for speckled trout, flounder, red drum, and blue fish. An offshore trip can bring you to blue fish, grouper, mackerel, and even some sailfish.

If you don’t feel like bringing all your own gear, no worries! Go to The Sail Shop for gear and rental kayaks. The Bald Head Island Conservancy can also help you with knowing where to go. You can also catch a ride on a charter boat and fish with a group. The fall season is a great time of year to fish since the water is still warm but the air temperatures begin to moderate. The water in the marshes stay a few degrees warmer in the winter so the fish fare well there too. 

Don’t forget to get a fishing license if you are fishing on your own. These can be purchased at www.ncwildlife.org. Browse our Bald Head Island vacation rentals and choose one close or right on the water for prime fishing. Next time you’re in the area, see for yourself why fisherman love Bald Head Island and enjoy some of the best fishing in North Carolina!