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How to Preserve Your Bald Head Island Vacation Memories

how to Preserve your bald head island vacation memories


One of the best parts of vacationing on Bald Head Island is organizing and sharing your travel memories with loved ones.  While we live in a digital age where you can share pictures directly from your smartphone to your Facebook profile at the push of a button, in this article we share a few old-school ways to preserve your vacation memories. 


Create A Memory Box


You may save your Passport to Paradise from Delphina Coastal Cuisine or a seashell from South Beach during your Bald Head Island vacation.  One of the best ways to save the memorabilia from your vacation is in a beautiful wooden box.  Wrap a box with maps, brochures or even colored paper and place your souvenirs inside.  When you are feeling nostalgic during a rainy Saturday, take your memory box back out and experience your vacation all over again.




Display Vacation Photos in Your Living Space


Do you want to see your vacation photos daily? If so, place your favorite images on the refrigerator, put them in photo frames and design a focus wall or load them up in a digital photo frame and sit it on a coffee table.  Need some inspiration for unique pictures? One example is to have each person in your family spell their name in the sand on the beach and pose for a picture beside it.  


Keep a Travel Journal


Write down what you did as soon as you stepped off the ferry or where you ate your first meal on the island.  You can experience your favorite parts of the Bald Head Island vacation every time you read a paragraph from your journal.  Try printing some pictures and taping them to the corresponding pages as well.  




Publish a Coffee Table Book


Put those amazing pictures that you took to work by including them in a coffee table book with magazine like spreads.  Blurb is an easy to use self-publishing platform for photography books.  Give them as gifts, share your book on a website or sell it on Amazon.




Work on a Photo Album with Family and Friends


Invite the family members and friends who went on vacation with you over for dinner and a photo collaboration activity.  Pick out your favorite photos and create a framed photo collage for each family member to keep in their respective home. Do you live in different cities? Don’t worry. Add some technology to the activity by using Mixbook which allows a number of people to add their own pictures and personal touches by adding photos, layouts and templates from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Picasa.


Recreate Your Favorite Meal or Drink from Bald Head Island at Home


We have made this activity really easy by providing a collection of our favorite drinks and publishing them in the Bald Head Island Mixology video series.  Check it out on our Facebook Fan page and post a picture of your creation to the thread.


No matter how you choose to preserve your Bald Head Island vacation memories, we know that you will smile when you remember all the fun you had with your friends and family while visiting our little piece of paradise.


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Published on Monday, August 28, 2017

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