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Savoring Summer on Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island Family Beach Days

Significant to summer are barbecues in the backyard and umbrella drinks by the pool. Pair that with a Bald Head Island beachfront rental and you have a recipe for a summer vacation you’ll want to savor! Here’s the ingredients you’ll need to make your summer vacation a success.  

The base ingredient is family of course. It’s the shell that holds everything together. Instead of getting individual hotel rooms throughout a resort, why not rent a house where everyone is under one roof. There’s nothing like preparing family recipes together to bring everyone closer during summer vacation.  

A dash of adventure can spice up your summer vacation. Bald Head Island is surrounded by forests and woods with exciting wildlife waiting to be discovered! Nature Trails provide nearly 360 degree views of the marsh. Hike through enchanting canopy of trees and explore nature as a family. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars! 

Have an adventure on the water! Experience nature as you kayak through the creeks of Bald Head Island. You can come within feet of egrets and herons while osprey circle overhead. Whether land or sea, Bald Head Island has an exciting experience waiting to be discovered.

Throw in a pinch of laughter to sweeten up your stay. Families love to laugh and what better way to put a smile on everyone’s faces then a day at the beach. Spend the evenings together grilling in a backyard that has breathtaking views of the ocean. Share some laughs during late night family card games in your beachfront home on Bald Head Island!  

Bald Head Island has all the ingredients you need to cook up the perfect summer vacation!

Published on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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