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Dare to Try Something New in Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island is a place like no other and there is much to explore and enjoy. When planning your Bald Head Island vacation, why not leave room in your itinerary to try something new? Life is short! It’s time to make even better memories getting out of your comfort zone and being more adventurous. Here are some ideas we have for your next trip to the island: 

You may have seen a bicycle built for two at some point in your life but how many people do you know who have actually tried riding a tandem bike? Tandem bicycles are available for rental at Coastal Urge and can provide twice the fun with your significant other, friend, or child. You can take in the allure of the island on your bike ride without getting left behind! If you haven’t been on a bike in years and are nervous about riding but still want to see the island, try renting a Pedego electric bike. You can pedal if you want or use power to take you further so you don’t miss anything.

Kayaking isn’t a new sport but have you ever tried it? It’s a great way to explore and discover the serenity of the creeks in Bald Head Island. Canoes are also available to rent and you can take a nice relaxing ride becoming one with nature. The stillness of the water and sounds of birds and other wildlife can be just what you need for a peaceful retreat.

Sailing isn’t the easiest of boating ventures but it’s never boring! Lessons are available in Bald Head Island and what a great story you would have when you get back to the mainland. Letting the wind take you as worries and stress fade away sounds like the perfect vacation excursion.

Among the many other fun activities to choose from are standup paddleboarding and kiteboarding. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll be surrounded by miles of unique natural beauty. Get to the beach in time for a stunning Bald Head Island sunset and turn in for the night at one of our Premier Properties before a new adventure the next day. 

Published on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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