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15 Things to Pack for Your Bald Head Island Vacation



Preparing to go on vacation can be exciting. You’ve booked one of the most beautiful places on Bald Head Island, visited the website to learn about the events that will be happening during your stay and are now counting down the days to your departure. Finally, it’s time to pack. We’ve developed a list of essential and some just nice to have things you will want to include in your luggage. In addition, our list is broken down into three categories. 

Download the Bald Head Island Beach Vacation Packing List here
Beach Necessities

1. Beach Tote - You will want to have a nice medium to large tote bag to carry all of your beach items like a book, toys, snacks and sunscreen to have on hand during those afternoons on the beach or at the pool. 

2. Sunscreen - It begins to get really warm on Bald Head Island with average temperatures hitting the mid-eighties in May, so please remember a powerful sunscreen for you and your loved ones.  A first aid kit, bug spray and chapstick are also good things to pack. 

3. Beach Toys - Would a beach vacation be complete without some toys?  While kayaks and canoes are available to rent on Bald Head Island, you may want to bring things like surf boards, beach chairs or sand toys like shovels and buckets.   

4. Water Shoes - Some people who will venture into the beautiful waters surrounding the island may want to pack a pair of water shoes. 

5. Travel Mug - A Stainless Steel Travel Mug will allow you to keep your morning coffee hot while going to the beach or pool and your afternoon beverages ice cold for hours.   

6. Reusable Ice Cubes - To keep your beverages cold for long periods of time during those golf outings or fishing excursions, consider bringing your own reusable ice cubes.  Just remember to freeze them ahead of time. 



1. Flip Flops and Sneakers - Comfortable shoes are a must because many people will do a considerable amount of walking (even with a nice golf cart) during your vacation. 

2. Bathing Suits & Pashmina (cover-up) - Perfect for those chilly days on the beach or going into one of the many restaurants on Bald Head Island.  For a list, read our blog post: The Best Dining Options on Bald Head Island. 

3. Light Jacket/Sweatshirt - While temperatures are usually warm on the island, it can get chilly at night and in the mornings.  You will want to be sure to pack a jacket for spending time on those cool evenings on the beautiful porch of your vacation home. 

4. Shorts/Tank Tops/T-Shirts - Whether you plan on running in the mornings or chill out playing board games with family and friends at night, comfortable clothes are a necessity. 

5. Dressy Attire - For those nights out at The Palms or The Shoals Club Lounge, you will want to have included a dress or suit jacket in your luggage. 

Travel Essentials:

1. Passport or Identification Card 

2. Cash and Credit Cards 

3. Medical Insurance Card 

4. Cell Phone, Ear Buds/Headphones, Laptop/Ipad and Chargers

If you happen to forget something, there are options to purchase or rent things on Bald Head Island.  Below is a short list:

Wine and Beer
Golf Related Items
DVDs and Board Games
Fishing Equipment
Golf Cart

Now you have a list of the essentials to bring to make your vacation on Bald Head Island one of the most relaxing and fun times you’ve had in awhile.  For more information on what to pack for your trip, including your time on the ferry, visit the following website: 

How to Pack for Your Bald Head Island Ferry Trip

Published on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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