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Top Games to Play in Your Bald Head Island Rental

Games to Play in Your Vacation Rental

When you aren’t out exploring Bald Head Island, you might need help keeping your crew occupied in your rental home. The idea was to get everyone together for quality time so the last thing you want is everyone in their separate rooms watching TV or talking on their phones. Here are some of our favorite indoor activities your family might love to play in your Bald Head Island vacation home.

Minute to Win It is a great game for those who have short attention spans. Basically you come up with any silly activity and set a timer for a minute to see who finishes first. Here are some ideas: Face the Cookie – you place a cookie on each person’s face and they have to get it in their mouth without using their hands. Or have each person take a turn stacking 36 cups into a pyramid and then back into a single stack. You can also have players transfer ping pong balls from one bowl to another using only a spoon in their mouth, no hands! Check out this site for more minute to win it games.

Hide and Seek is a classic game to play with a big groups. The spacious rooms in Bald Head Island vacation rentals make it an ideal place to play with endless hiding spots. While we love the original game, we love the different variations as well. In “sardines”, players join the original hider when found until the last player finds the group. In “wave”, one person counts while the others hide. When the first person is found, they help the seeker find the others. But when they see a hider that the seeker doesn’t see, they wave. The hidden person waves back and the found person gets to go find a new hiding place! The seeker has to find everyone hiding but not lose them again.

Board Games – There are two types of people, the ones that love board games and the ones that hate them. We get it, there are lots of games that seem to go on forever (like Monopoly or Life). But we have a few that we never get tired of. Catch Phrase doesn’t actually have a board but we’ll include it. They have the electronic version that you pass around and get your team to guess a word by giving as many clues until the timer runs out. Code Names lays out 25 cards with one word on them and you have to get your team to guess as many as your team’s words as possible by only giving one word clues each round. Loaded Questions can really help everyone get to know each other by asking sometimes bizarre questions with everyone writing down their honest personal answers and then one person guessing who said each thing. 

Jackbox Games is great when you have a crew used to being on their phones all the time anyway. Everyone logs in with the same password and uses their phone for each game. You have to purchase the game online for your laptop or game system and each party pack comes with several different types of games. Fibbage is where different questions are asked about random facts and each player answers with their own take on it. Then players have to guess which answer is true. You get points for tricking the others with your fib! Drawful is similar to Pictionary but you have to draw on your phone and there’s no erasing. You have limited space and sometimes get crazy requests.

We’ve played all of these and guarantee they always result in lots of laughter. Take advantage of everyone being in one place and enjoy this time together! There’s nothing like a night of friendly competition and lots of jokes. What better place to have it than in beautiful Bald Head Island?

Published on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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