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Why a Weekend Get Away Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Bald Head Island Beach Walk

We are living in very busy times. Between juggling careers, kids and everyday responsibilities we may find ourselves having very little time to spend with the amazing person we chose to enjoy this fascinating life with. Periodically we need to stop time, take a break from the battle of life and live it with the one we love. What better way than a Bald Head Island get away! 

A number one relationship killer is stress. It can change your personality completely. Once you board the ferry heading to an island with 14 miles of pristine beaches and no cars allowed you will be nearly stress free. The only means of travel on the island is by golf cart, bike or foot. That’s many a walk hand in hand with your honey.  

There’s a saying “couples that play together stay together”. Bald Head Island has plenty of fun activities for couples in the water and on land. Enjoy nature together while hiking the Bald Head Woods Maritime Forest Preserve. Kayak the creeks or relax on a sailboat touring the Cape Fear River and riding along South Beach for breathtaking views of the island. 

Watch the sunset and count the boats as they come in while enjoying dinner for two at Mojo’s. Amazing views of the harbor, delicious food and an impressive wine list creates the perfect date. The evening ends with a cocktail out on the porch of your beautiful Bald Head Island vacation rental overlooking the sea! 

A weekend getaway is a small price to pay to strengthen your relationship. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and re-connected. A toast to a perfect weekend with your love on Bald Head Island. 

Published on Friday, October 20, 2017

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