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Five Beach Bag Must Haves


Before you leave your cozy ocean front vacation rental and head out to the 14 mile long pristine beach make sure to grab your beach bag. It’s packed with all the necessities you need for a day in the sand and under the sun! Here are five beach bag must haves so you can spend as much time as you’d like on the beautiful beaches of Bald Head Island.

Our first “beach bag must have” is sunscreen. The sun will shine bright during summer! Even though a little vitamin D is good for everyone we want to protect our skin from the sun’s strong raise. Not all sunscreens are made equal so we suggest Elemental Herbs. Made up of organic ingredients this sunscreen is safe for the face as well as the body and is ocean friendly allowing you to play on the beach till sunset. 

Second is lip balm. All good lip balm has a SPF of 12 or more and will save you from burnt chapped lips. Our favorite is Elemental Herbs All Good Lips! It’s made of all organic ingredients and has a line of delicious flavors. Try sweet tangerine! It’s the perfect flavor for the beach. 

Third are sunglasses. Shades are a must when spending the day on the beach. We recommend Costa Del Mar. Not only are they the clearest sunglasses on the planet but they will have you looking cool on a hot summer day!

Our fourth is a beach towel. Serving a dual purpose; drying off then crashing on the sand after riding the waves. Believe it or not your beach towel can make a statement! It represents you, saving your spot in the sand when you’re on a beach walk and wraps you up when you’re on your way home.  

Last but not least our fifth beach bag must have, hydration device. There is nothing more important than keeping hydrated on a hot summer day. Our choice is the new Camelback Chute. The high-flow spout is angled and contoured for efficient, full-on hydration. Its leak proof and ready to keep you hydrated all summer long. 

Your beach bag is ready! Now get out there and enjoy all the beauty, adventure and fun that the beaches of Bald Head Island have to offer! 

Published on Friday, July 8, 2016

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