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Four Ideas for Family Fun This Summer


Forming a strong connection between parent and child takes effort and creativity. Each summer we get the opportunity to spend quality time with our children. We want to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Here are four of our favorite family fun ideas for the summer!

A great idea for families who love the outdoors is a walk in the woods. Hiking down nature trails experiencing a variety of wildlife can be an exciting family experience. Bring along a bird or insect identification book to create an educational and fun family outing. 

The beach offers families an abundance of ways to have fun. Building a sandcastle together can be inspiring no matter what your age. Walking down the beach collecting seashells is a thoughtful and thrifty way to bring home souvenirs. Nothing brings laughter to a child than allowing them to bury you in the sand and then breaking out to chase them down the beach.  

The ocean is a venue full of fun possibilities for the family. Enjoy riding the waves on a boogie board or SUP (stand up paddle) boarding on a flat day. Experiencing the thrill of sailing is something the whole family can enjoy! Bring a picnic and sail off into a perfect sunset. 

Bike riding is a great adventure that parents and children can enjoy together. Bike trails through woodsy terrain can create quite an experience. Destination rides to dinner and shopping can make grown-up entertainment fun for the kids too!  

Summer means family vacations, full days of play and at the beginning, a seemingly endless amount of time. That time, however goes by way too fast. Make this summer one to remember! 

Published on Sunday, May 15, 2016

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