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Bald Head Island Welcomes Warriors

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Bald Head Island warmly welcomes five brave veterans and their families for the Wounded Warrior Family Weekend. Beginning Thursday, April 21st, 13 adults and 16 children will spend some much deserved family time on the beautiful beaches of Bald Head Island. Two exceptional guest speakers, along with their families, will be present to enjoy this special weekend as well.

This event brings the entire community together to show their thanks and recognition for these veterans. The sacrifices these men have made as well as their families are truly selfless and the island wants to show their appreciation by giving something back. Honoring wounded veterans grows stronger every year for the residents of Bald Head Island. This is evident from their unwavering support and generous hand! 

All islanders are invited to meet and mingle with the families during the main Community Event. This will take place at Bald Head Island Club on Saturday, April 23rd, from 2:00 to 7:00pm. Music by the Swashtones, a skydiving exhibition and presentations by our special guests will be featured at the event as well as a delicious Pot Luck Supper.

It’s with open hearts that our community welcomes these families and invites them to enjoy all the hospitality that Bald Head Island has to offer! 

Published on Thursday, April 21, 2016

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