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Local Runner Excited for Badwater Cape Fear Race

Badwater Cape Fear Race Bald Head Island

Suzanne Tulsey of Oak Island, North Carolina has been running races for nineteen years. Additionally, she has been vacationing on Bald Head Island for the last thirteen, which is why it’s no surprise to say the Badwater Cape Fear ultra-distance race taking place on Bald Head Island on March 19th has a special place in her heart.  

While Tulsey usually runs shorter distance races, the opportunity to participate in the Badwater Cape Fear race on Bald Head Island lured her into attempting the longer distance and more challenging course. And a longer, more challenging race it is. The Badwater Cape Fear race is part of a three race series, known as the Badwater Ultra Cup, that challenges runners to run ultra-long distances (50km to 135 miles) across various locations in the United States.  

The Badwater Cape Fear Race on Bald Head Island marks the first of the Badwater Ultra Cup and will undoubtedly be one of the more enjoyable settings of the series. Runners only have two options for distances: 50km and 51-miles, all of which will be run on the car-free roads of the Island, the secluded sandy beaches, and on nature trails through the woods (a favorite part of the route for Tulsey). The bulk of the race is held along the Atlantic Seaboard with spectacular views of the Frying Pan Shoals to the east and wild, undeveloped marshlands to the west. Thanks to the Island’s protected location off the coast of the Atlantic and the southern temperate climate, runners should experience mild spring conditions and a rewarding beach breeze. 

According to Tulsey, there is a lot about the race that is rewarding.

“The combination of epic Badwater adventure and challenge combined with the phenomenal Bald Head Island community, breathtaking scenery, and the tremendous volunteers and support are the best things about the race. I met so many phenomenal people at last year’s race and many are returning this year.” 

This is Bald Head Island’s third year in a row hosting the Badwater Cape Fear race and the turnout is predicted to surpass expectations again with more than 150 new and repeat runners.  

Tulsey has prepared for the big race by cross-training with an elliptical, bike, and Nordic Track due to an injury that has sidelined her training for the past five weeks. She is remaining positive that she will be able to join her newfound friends back at the starting line next weekend; however, participating or not, she’s looking forward to enjoying a beautiful and exciting day spent on the Island.   

With Bald Head Island sure to be buzzing all weekend long, we invite you to come out and show your support for these amazing athletes and book one of our last minute accommodation specials for the weekend. For those interested, you can preview the Bald Head Island running route with this aerial video.  

We wish all the best to Suzanne Tulsey and the rest of the runners next weekend in the big race!  

Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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