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Play Outside with Geocaching!

There’s no question that being outside in Bald Head Island is always an adventure. There’s so much to do and enjoy around the area to make it an unforgettable vacation. If you haven’t tried geocaching yet, we are here to tell you to give it a try!

We’re taught at a young age that getting a reward is so much more fun when you work for it. Scavenger hunts and looking for buried treasure is any kid’s ideal excursion. Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt and can be done right here on the island. Sign in online or download the app and add your location to see how many caches are near you. At the time of this blog, 86 caches were reported around Bald Head Island. Follow the coordinates to track down a hidden stash and sign your name while trading a buried treasure for your own.

You can even take an island tour courtesy of Riverside Adventure Company by taking their GPS Scavenger Hunt. From bike riding to hiking or kayaking, there’s plenty to do outdoors. Plan a Bald Head Island vacation and don’t forget to take a moment to just soak up the unmatched beauty of the island. 

Published on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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