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Running Trails on Bald Head Island

On Bald Head Island, there’s a route for every runner. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out on a new year’s resolution - Bald Head Island’s relatively flat, picturesque scene is the perfect place to get in your daily run.   

Intermediate/Advanced - 7 miles + 


This long loop around the island totals just over 7 miles. Jumping in anywhere along the route, you’ll run past some of the most coveted scenery on the Island. 

Running down S Bald Head Wynd, you’ll enjoy an open road that runs parallel to the beach, while running down Federal Road will give you shade and wildlife that will remind you of running through trails. Whizzing past Bald Head Island Conservancy, you can explore the shaded neighborhood next to Cape Fear Station that has plenty of streets to explore - giving the option for a different route each time! 

For long-distance runners - do this loop twice, or incorporate a loop of the Harbor to increase your mileage beyond 7! 

Intermediate - 5 miles


Some runners find that Federal Road can start to feel long after a mile or two, so we’ve introduced a shortcut to cut the stretch in half. 

For intermediate runners, follow these modifications to enjoy an open 5 mile run. 

  • Start out at the Bald Head Island Club
  • When you reach the Bald Head Conservancy, turn left down Federal Road - cutting out the Cape Fear Station loop from above
  • Half-way down Federal Road, make a turn down Muscadine Wynd (the road that leads to Maritime Market)
  • Finally, take a right when the road ends and you’ll end back where you started, 5-miles later!  

For the 3-Miler / 5K 


Bald Head Island has a beautiful, dedicated route for a 5k along East Beach, used several times throughout the year for the Bald Head Conservancy’s famous Turtle Trot races. 

In the Bald Head Island Conservancy's Turtle Trot 5K, participants run as fast or as slow as they'd like as they move through the island's ancient maritime forest and over the pristine beaches.

All proceeds support the BHI Conservancy's mission of barrier island conservation, education, and preservation - including the nationally recognized Sea Turtle Protection Program.

To view the 5K route or sign up for the next Turtle Trot race, visit our designated Turtle Trot 5K website, here.  

Published on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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