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Bald Head Island, Top Spot for North Carolina Fishing

Bluefish Bonanza Bald Head Island 2015
Saltwater fishing in North Carolina is saltwater fishing at its best. Between surf, inshore, and offshore 
locations - from Ocean Isle to the Outer Banks - there is no shortage of opportunity for saltwater 
Lucky for us, we don’t have to go far to enjoy one of the best fishing spots of all on the North Carolina 
coast. Southeast outdoor blogger, Jeff Dennis, says due to the triangular formation of the island and its 
protrusion into the Atlantic Ocean, Bald Head Island hosts one of the prime fishing spots for surf 
fishing.* Due to its unique shape, Bald Head Island will always have an area of the beach that remains 
protected from the wind, and because the island juts into the Atlantic Ocean, a widespread variety of 

fish are found offshore. 
Depending on your preference of recreation, Bald Head Island offers a multitude of options for catching 
the bite you’re after. Reeling in the creeks, you’ll find speckled trout, grey trout, flounder, red drum, 
blue fish and spots; whereas, offshore fishing trips can put you on bluefish, grouper, mackerel, tuna and 
even some sailfish. An easy day on the beach can bring flounder, red drum, blue fish, mullet, pompano, 
and more. 
A variety of outfitters and guides on the Island provide boats and gear, regardless of experience, and can 
pick you up in the harbor. Both the Bald Head Island Conservancy and the Sail Shop offer instruction, so 
whether you’re new to fishing or just want to know where to go, they can help put you on the fish.
These days, the most popular fishing weekend on the Island is towards the end of October during the 
Bluefish Bananza. Due to the perfect rough water conditions created by Frying Pan Shoals off the shore 
of East beach, the Bald Head Island Chamber of Commerce puts on a family-friendly surfcasting 
tournament to take advantage of the biting bluefish.  
This year, the Bluefish Bonanza kicks off on October 23rd with a welcome reception on Friday night. 
Saturday morning brings a fun day of fishing and friendly competition, followed by a fish dinner and 
awards ceremony that night. Big cash prizes for largest fish will be awarded in multiple categories - 
including a junior award for ages 15 and under. A complete schedule and list of prizes can be found 
The tournament is perfectly timed for the beautiful, mild weather and lukewarm water found 
throughout the fall in North Carolina. Anytime between September and November is known to bring an 
abundance of bites along the coast - giving you the perfect excuse to take that weekend trip you’ve 

been planning. Whether you’re bringing friends or the whole family, the quaint ferry ride across from 
Southport, NC will give you distance from the masses yet access to some of the best fishing spots 
available on the North Carolina coast. For more information on places to stay once you’re here, please 
contact us here.  

Published on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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