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5 Reasons for a Man Trip on Bald Head Island

Post-summer blues and back to work woes make it a better time than ever to take that boys’ weekend you’ve been wanting. Here are 5 good reasons why Bald Head Island should be at the top of your list this Fall.   


#1 Weather 


The mountain weekends are coming but it’s not time to get out the snow gear just yet; the water’s still warm and the fish are still biting (Bluefish, Grouper, Flounder....) off the sunny coast of Bald Head Island well into November. Whether you’re an avid surfer, fisherman, golfer, or expert-beach-sleeper – the fall season in North Carolina has cooler (yet still sunny) conditions for your perfect weekend away. And with off-season prices and less eyes on the beach, it’s a good time to try that stand-up paddle boarding you’ve always wanted to attempt..   


#2 Exclusive Beach   



Bald Head Island might only be a 20 minute ferry ride away from Southport, NC - but once you’ve arrived you might as well be thousands of miles away. The 14 miles of pristine, private beach are a refreshing change from other crowded beaches you may be used to. Make the most of your private oasis by catching waves off the coast of East Beach or rent beach chairs and beach games on West Beach. (Whichever you choose, just make sure it includes a good friend and a beer.)  


And if salt and sand are less of your thing, we also offer water in a little more confined space as well. 


#3 Adventure 


For a lot of us, two good beach days are all we need to get our mind off of last week’s conference call. However for others, stress relief comes best in the form of blood-pumping adventure. Luckily, Bald Head Island has both. Explore the hidden creeks by kayak, the maritime forest by foot, or the water by boat through organized rentals available around the island. Bald Head Island Conservancy, Riverside Adventure Company, and The Sail Shop offer daily adventures to satisfy even the fussiest of friends.

Surfing, paddleboarding, and deep sea fishing are available for those wanting to get closer to water. Additionally, the Bluefish Bonanza Fishing Tournament  is held in October by the Bald Head Island Chamber of Commerce for an entire weekend of adventure, fit for the whole family. 

For less organized exercise, the car-less roads are perfect for the runners and bikers in your group, and the fitness center and tennis courts are open daily.   


#4 Golf (See what we did there?)  


The Bald Head Island Club’s championship golf course, recently recognized by Links magazine as one of the nation’s top course renovations, is the perfect happy medium between lazy beach days and adventurous explorations. Originally designed by famed golf course architect George Cobb, the impressive course is interlaced with lagoons and the occasional alligator (we kid you not), as it winds its way over stretches of dunes and beach.  Even better, the unique landscape ends back at the Bald Head Island Club where you can find a nice bar and restaurant to refuel before making your way out for the night.  


#5 Nightlife 


After a long day of beach sleeping or sand trap digging, you’re going to need somewhere to let loose or unwind.  Lucky for you, this quaint little island has a few refueling spots all within reach of a 10-minute golf cart ride. For a good night out, you can find a sports bar, classy venue, and outdoor wine and beer bar overlooking the harbour; enjoy a sushi bar and drinks nearby at Mojo’s or stop by Maritime Market to grab a couple of steaks to throw on the grill at the house. We’re going to go ahead and say your options aren't too shabby.  


Tune in next week as we take you through finding the perfect place to stay. Until then if you need any more information, please contact us here.  


Published on Friday, September 11, 2015

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